Insomnia Gaming Festival announces first i70 esports BYOC Opens

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The next Insomnia Gaming Festival, Insomnia70, has announced the initial i70 esports tournaments/BYOC Opens set to take place in April.

It has also revealed prize pools and ticket prices for the LAN and gaming event, which will once again run at the Birmingham NEC.

The i70 dates and ticket info was first announced last November. The event will run from Friday April 7th to Monday April 10th 2023, over the Easter bank holiday.

i70 esports BYOC Open tournaments and prize pools

Four i70 esports tournaments have been announced to start with, and others are expected to be made over the coming week.

League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League and CSGO will get their own BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) Opens once again for i70, and all will have on-stage LAN finals.

Last summer, i69 also had esports tournaments in Team Fortress 2 and Rainbow Six Siege, and we’ll update this article with further BYOC announcements for i70 esports as they’re made.

Update: A Valorant tournament has been announced with a prize pool of £10,000, up from the £5,000 at i69.

In terms of prize pools for the i70 esports BYOCs, they are as follows:

  • Valorant i70 tournament: £10,000
  • League of Legends: £2,500 rising to £5,000 if 32+ teams sign up
  • Overwatch: £3,000
  • Rocket League: £1,000, rising to £3,000 if 32+ teams sign up
  • CSGO: £2,500, rising to £5,000 if 32+ teams sign up (22 signed up at i69)

You can see a more detailed breakdown on Insomnia’s BYOC esports web page.

Most of these prize pools have been reduced compared to the last event, while ticket prices have risen. However, the Valorant prize pool has doubled.

At i69, Rocket League had a prize pool of at least £2,250, rising to £3,750 for 64+ teams, while Overwatch had a £4,500 minimum prize pool, LoL £3,750 and CSGO £5,000. Valorant had a £5,000 prize pool.

At i68, League of Legends had a minimum £3,000 prize pool (rising to £5,000 with 48 teams), while Overwatch had £3,750 and CSGO £5,000 (rising to £6,250 with 64 teams).

Elsewhere, London-based organisation Excel Esports will have a presence at Insomnia once again:

And there will be a Splatoon 3 University Championship final, with other NSE (National Student Esports) finals happening.

i70 BYOC ticket prices

If you want to take part in the i70 esports tournaments, you’ll need a BYOC ticket for the weekend.

This year, the i70 BYOC standard ticket costs £113.30, while BYOC Plus (including access from Thursday evening, advanced access to seat picker, discount on BYOC services and more) costs £133.90 for a ticket.

BYOC Premium (including a longer 4ft table, padded chair, permission to bring t wo monitors, double the allocation of power, priority check-in and more) costs £216.30.

BYOC VIP, with more extras including a car parking pass, free trolley rental, double the allocation of network cables and more, costs £298.70.

You can see more on the i70 tickets page.

When Insomnia returned after covid last year, organisers explained the ticket price rise, with BYOC ticket prices for i68 starting from £107.12.

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