Twitch celebrates Black History Month in the UK and Ireland with a host of streamers

Black History Month Twitch UK

Twitch UK is celebrating diversity throughout October 2022 by getting involved with Black History Month.

The streaming platform will be highlighting a variety of streamers on the front page of Twitch UK throughout the month, in a ‘Black Brilliance Recommended Section’.

Black History Month takes place in the US and Canada in February each year, while the UK, Ireland and Europe recognise it in October.

Twitch said in this Black History Month page: “Each and every day, we are inspired and captivated by black streamers on Twitch. Together, they are not only changing the world of Twitch but also the gaming and entertainment spheres more broadly.

“This Black History Month, join us in honoring, uplifting, and recognising black creators in the UK and Ireland who impact and shape gaming culture, and culture at large, every time they go live.”

Featured creators include SherikaSherard, OnlyJoeyD, Shanghaid, KingJae and GeekyCassie, with many others recognised throughout October 2022, from MelaninGamers to SherikaSherard, JaySamz, TheRealRinny and lots more.

Many streamers commented about getting involved throughout the month.

Jazeena said on Twitter: “I am very very excited to announce that I will be taking part in Twitch UK and Ireland’s Black History Month. Myself and some other amazing creators will be on the Black Brilliance Shelf throughout October. You might even see me on the Front Page Carousal acting a fool.”

KingJae added: “An honour to be selected for this among so many other super talented individuals. Appreciate it Twitch, but most importantly, big thanks to my supporters who got me here. You lot have definitely got me through some tough times! Let’s keep moving forward.”

We’ll update this article throughout the month with more activities and recognition we see around Black History Month in the esports and gaming space.

You can see how UK esports and gaming organisations celebrated Black History Month 2021 last year here.

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