5 Top Female Twitch Streamers in 2022

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Twitch is the leading livestreaming site that caters to millions of streamers’ vast range of interests. Although it was first designed to be a home for gaming enthusiasts to showcase their expertise, it now houses all types of followers from musicians to artists, podcast hosts, gamblers and more.

While male users dominate the gaming world, female gaming Twitch streamers make up 35% of the customer base on the service. A considerable number of women are showcasing their creative and gambling talents on the platform too. Although not every one has millions of admirers like some famous gamers do on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, these people have done great for themselves.

And looking at this region specifically, Britain has one of the highest proportion of female viewers of gaming streams, according to a report published a few months ago.

Twitch provides a community that features stream donors, tippers and patrons. Casino gaming and streaming continues to rise in prominence, and so too does the number of popular streamers. But who are some of the top female streamers?

In this article, LeafletCasino experts ranked some of the most popular women in the field. As experts in online casino reviews with a minimum deposit, they know the best in the field. The list is not based on the number of comments or views – the streamers on this list are experienced players who entertain, offer in-depth comments, build relationships with users and guarantee high-quality live broadcasts.


The Twitch celeb is one of the most famous female Twitch streamers. Her nickname is a clever combination of her birth name Imane and the game title Pokémon that she loves. She is also a celebrated figure on YouTube with more than 6.6 million subscribers. Her gaming skills, bright character and unique style of videos have earned her over 9 million Twitch followers and 640 million YouTube views.

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Pokimane’s massive popularity and talent have received significant attention from many companies and brands that want to work with her. One of the notable influencer deals is with HyperX, a company that manufactures hardware. She spends approximately 5 hours streaming each day.

Some of her favourite titles include Teamfight Tactics, Grand Theft Auto V, Valorant, League of Legends and others. She demonstrates skills by playing on different platforms. Other streamers out there promote casino gambling, and may leave comments about how to create an account, how to play and what platforms are to be trusted.


KittyPlays is one of the top female Twitch streamers. The 30-year-old hails from British Columbia and boasts more than 1 million accounts following her on her favourite gaming platform – Twitch.

Kristen Valnicek streams regularly and focuses on several titles such as PUGB and Fortnite. She regularly chats with users on her chat and always aims to maintain a relaxed, upbeat environment. The famous figure also has a vlog where she discusses cooking, travel, and her time and experience racing supercars on her YouTube channel. She also played Fall Guys with Snoop Dogg in a video that has more than 1 million views.


Loserfruit is not a casino game streamer – but she does stream several video games on Twitch with a big focus on Fortnite.

Kathleen Belsten started streaming in March 2013 producing content around League of Legends. She comes from Melbourne, Australia.

Since she opened her Twitch page, her performance has continuously improved. She has more than 2.8m followers on Twitch and over 440m views on YouTube. The guru partners with KFC and several other companies.

Elsewhere, casino players can take advice from other streamers and try online casinos recommended in the IrishCasinorius reviews. Online casinos with fast payouts and handy advice in the form of customer reviews can be useful and accessible for new players. Some streamers provide their opinion on online casino games, shares life hacks and provide details which help to understand the games better.


AriGameplays is a well-earning female gamer and personality. She is exceptionally famous and has almost 10 million followers across both YouTube and Twitch.

The Mexican gamer doesn’t produce gambling tutorials, but she does provide a wide variety of content across titles like Overwatch, Minecraft and Planet Coaster, as well as others like Grand Theft Auto. She also doesn’t play casino games on stream, but you can find a casino walkthrough, Twitch gambling tips and other similar content elsewhere.


Although Fuslie doesn’t specialize in well-known online casino games, she has a lot of passion and love for video games, including Fall Guys and Grand Theft Auto. You will also find her playing appealing and fun titles such as Mario Kart.

She is daring and takes on several challenges, and is a part of esports organisation 100 Thieves. Fuslie’s Twitch channel has participated in the eye tracker challenge several times. Thanks to her unique livestream ideas, persona and spontaneous style, her watchers are always entertained. She has more than 500,000 subs on YouTube and 1m followers on Twitch.


Can one become successful on Twitch and gain a massive fanbase? Yes, of course it’s possible, and this list is proof of that. Can you make money from doing this? Absolutely. However, signing up on Twitch to earn money isn’t easy. There is massive competition in the service, with many others trying to make it, which means you have to provide engaging content, consistently, have that X factor and perhaps a bit of luck along the way too. The casino industry is interlinking with Twitch nowadays, with more creators streaming about slots and gambling online, and getting to the top is a challenge.

Typically, these personalities have several income sources in their life: revenue from ads, subscriber views, donations, sponsorships, perhaps hosting events etc. They don’t disclose everything to their stream fans. However, if you are a good player or personality and feel like sharing your experiences on Twitch – good luck and welcome to the club.

And for more of the most popular women streamers on Twitch, including Sweet Anita, Nihachu and Loeya, check out this list.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links, you must be aged 18 and above to gamble, please bet responsibly)

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