British YouTuber Ali-A gets Fortnite Icon Series Skin in-game with eight styles and various cosmetics

ali a fortnite skins 1

Popular British Fortnite content creator Ali-A has announced he is getting his own Fortnite Icon Series skin.

The skin has eight separate styles, and in a first for a creator, Ali-A has also received cosmetics in the game, which include back blings, emotes and more.

Ali-A said in his announcement video: “I’ve been working with Epic Games on this project behind the scenes for over a year. I’ve put so much time, effort and energy into what I believe is the best Icon skin for myself.

“To be able to have my own Fortnite skin… it’s so weird saying it out loud.”

There’s the Ali-A spray available to unlock in the creative map from May 17th 2022.

Then, looking at the eight styles. Style one is designed to look as similar to Ali-A as possible, featuring his trademark cap and headphones, while Style 2 has black armoured arm sleeves.

Style 3 features a mask and more armour across the skin, while Style 4 features thicker blue armour and a more robotic mask. Style 5 is a Mega Man style skin, with more blue and white armour, his logo on his chest and a blue cap, plus his face is visible.

Users can turn lighting on and off, and select four different colour options on some of the skins, with Style 6 allowing players to put the mask on with a style similar to number 5.

Style 7 is a fully chrome version of the skin, which is silver and maroon, and Style 8 allows players to place the mask back over his face.

Then there’s an Ali-A pickaxe, emote (featuring his trademark music), gun/vehicle wrap, back bling and glider (Ali-A says he’s the world-first creator to get his own).

There’s also an Ali-A tournament where players can unlock some of these goodies in Fortnite.

The Ali-A items will go live in the Fortnite store from Thursday May 19th 2022 from 8pm ET.

Ali-A has 2.5m followers on Twitter and has amassed more than 4bn views across his Fortnite content to date.

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