EU Masters Spring 2022 qualified teams for group stage announced: X7 to face Karmine Corp, Bifrost beat Barcelona to meet Fnatic TQ and more

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The Amazon European (EU) Masters League of Legends group stage teams have been confirmed today – and there are some spicy match-ups to come.

First up – great news for the Northern Europe region as Bifrost made their way through the play-ins to reach the group stage. The NLC runners up, who lost to X7 in the UK/Ireland/Nordics final a week ago, defeated Barcelona 2-0 in the knockouts stage yesterday, making them the second NLC side to reach the group stage along with X7.

Bifrost also had a great play-ins group stage, winning four games out of six to finish in second place. After their victory over Barca Esports, they will now face Fnatic TQ (whose Twitter account was recently hacked and replaced with an NFT monkey), Team BDS Academy and Team ESCA Gaming in Group C in EU Masters’ main event.

Fnatic Rising previously played in the NLC before moving to the Spanish ERL and partnering up with Team Queso last year.

X7, meanwhile, will go up against Karmine Corp (KC), who performed ruthlessly in the play-ins, with six wins out of six, before beating Iron Wolves 2-0 in the knockout stage.

This means X7 bot-laners Nata and Kasing will face KC’s Rekkles and Hantera. The match-up comes after Karmine fans expressed their anger on Twitter recently after some members of X7 and the UK LoL community shared a picture originally designed by Karmine Corp.

X7 will also face GamerLegion and Team Phantasma in Group B.

X7 have previously said they want to win the EU Masters and eventually take a spot in the LEC if one becomes available.

Elsewhere, looking at the teams outside of the NLC, the LEC academy sides Rogue and Vitality are in Group A, and France’s LDLC will play against Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition among others in Group D.

The news comes a few days after the EU Masters Spring 2022 teams, casters and play-ins English broadcast streams were announced.

The EU Masters features the best League of Legends teams in the various European Regional Leagues (ERLs), the tier below the LEC. The group stage kicks off on April 14th 2022.

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