League of Legends Arcane characters like Jinx added to PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and Among Us, Epic Games Store also gets LoL, TFT, Valorant and Legends of Runeterra

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Riot Games is going all out to promote its upcoming animated Netflix League of Legends show, Arcane, which debuts from November 6th 2021.

The RiotX Arcane event will feature in-game extras, a global premiere on Twitch and more for example, and Riot is also promoting the show with outdoor Arcane marketing at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and also in New York (as reported on Reddit).

Now Riot is bringing some of its well-known League of Legends characters to popular competitive shooters Fortnite and PUBG Mobile and also party game Among Us.

In PUBG Mobile, four of the main LoL characters from Arcane – Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn and Jayce – will make an appearance in PUBG Mobile from November 16th as part of the 1.7 update. Players will be able to join Team Piltover or Team Zaun.

This is the first partnership between PUBG Mobile and Riot Games and will also bring new game areas and gameplay modes inspired by Arcane to the world of PUBG Mobile.

Vincent Wang, head of PUBG Mobile Publishing at Tencent Games, said: “We’re extremely excited to be partnering with Riot Games to celebrate its first ever League of Legends animated series.

“Runeterra is one of the most beloved universes in gaming, and to be able to bring that magic to PUBG Mobile while also supporting the release of Arcane is an amazing opportunity. We’ve got a lot in store for our players with the Version 1.7 update, including some completely new gameplay features we’ve never experimented with before, so we can’t wait to show off more.”

Of course, fans these days can also bet on esports matches in the likes of League of Legends, PUBG and more (though they must be aged 18 and over to bet). There are other gambling options available including poker sites and bingo sites.

Brandon Miao, cross-product experiences and partnerships lead for Riot Experience (XP) at Riot Games, added: “PUBG Mobile is a beloved game that has been embraced by players around the world. We value partners that nurture communities of shared play with a deep commitment to developing exciting new content to delight players. We look forward to bringing an authentic celebration of Arcane to Erangel.”

Jinx in Fortnite and Riot games added to Epic Games Store

There’s also a League of Legends crossover activity with Fortnite, with Jinx set to be added as a playable character to the game.

To celebrate the entrance of Jinx into the world of Fortnite, Riot is also bringing a selection of the Riot Games product portfolio (League of Legends PC, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, Valorant) to the Epic Games Store.

Content in Fortnite will include:

·         Arcane Jinx Outfit

·         Pow Pow Crusher Pickaxe

·         Jinxed Spray

·         Jinx’s Dream Monkey Back Bling

·         Playground (Instrumental) Lobby Track

·         Wreaking Havoc Loading Screen

·         Katchoo! Loading Screen

Brandon added: “Fortnite has executed high profile collaborations and entertainment experiences while remaining committed to bringing players content that enriches their experience both in and out of game, a dedication we share and admire. We hope fans will enjoy seeing Jinx, one of our most iconic League of Legends champions, in Fortnite to celebrate the launch of Arcane.”

Steve Allison, VP and GM of the Epic Games Store, added: “Riot Games is one of the world’s best developers and creators of groundbreaking entertainment franchises. We’re excited they’ve chosen to partner with us to bring their titles to millions of new players through the Epic Games Store.”

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Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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