Yogscast streamer SquidGame considering changing name after missing out on work and suffering abuse due to sharing name with Netflix show

squidgame yogscast streamer

UK-based Yogscast Twitch streamer Lydia Ellery, aka SquidGame or SquidGaming, is facing a tough time for sharing her name with the popular Netflix show.

Squid Game the survival drama TV series first launched on Netflix in September 2021, however Lydia has had her SquidGame name for more than a decade, and is now considering changing it due to recent abuse and missing out on work opportunities in presenting and advertising.

Some followers of the show have sent Lydia abuse because they incorrectly assumed she took the name from the show for clout. Others have tried hacking into her Instagram account.

Lydia was temporarily banned from Instagram a few weeks ago, where she has the Insta handle ‘squidgame’, as some people were trying to gain access into her account, leading to many password reset requests and emails flooding her inbox.

Lydia had apparently broken Instagram’s rules around “pretending to be someone else”.

She told the BBC: “For me [my name SquidGame] it was just a silly name I thought up on the spot. My friends called me squid because it rhymes with lid, and my name is Lydia.

“I’ve received a lot of hate from the [Netflix show’s] fans and I’ve been turned down for work because of it [the name]. More recently I’ve been turned down for work because of my handle. I feel down about the whole situation and incredibly fed up.”

Lydia’s SEO (search engine optimisation, or how she appears on the likes of Google) when people search for ‘Squid Game’ has also been affected, with the TV show appearing higher up than her in the search rankings.

Squid Game the TV show has courted some controversy since launching, for its content and the response its received from some members of the public. The show focuses on hundreds of people who have to participate in fatal games for money.

Some councils and schools in the UK have sent letters out to parents asking their children not to watch the Squid Game show or imitate its games on the playground.

It’s an unusual and unlucky situation for Lydia, who now faces the difficult decision of possibly changing her name of more than a decade, or considering other action.

Esports News UK has reached out to Lydia and also legal experts for comment on this, and will update the article if we hear back.

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