Bershka launches League of Legends clothing range including boxer shorts and socks, community reacts with a mix of criticism, praise and memes

bershka league of legends clothing

Fashion retailer Bershka has launched a new line of official League of Legends clothing and merchandise, and the community response has been mixed.

The range is available in the UK and other regions now, and features men’s and women’s options.

Licensed clothes include the £25.99 Ahri long sleeve tulle dress (pictured, right), £27.99 Akali print double hoodie, £27.99 Katarina leggings, Ezreal sweatshirt (£49.99) and bottoms (£29.99) set, £19.99 Aphelios mesh T-shirt and more.

The line-up also features the Ezreal T-shirt (£45.99) and bottoms (£29.99) set, pictured left, an ‘Every Second Matters’ Ekko sweatshirt (£49.99), as well as a set of two boxer shorts (£17.99) and a set of two pairs of socks (£14.99).

There’s also a £5.99 set of stickers available.

The League of Legends community reacted strongly to the Bershka LoL clothing, with some criticising it, others praising it and some creating memes.

Erika continued: “It’s literally like someone who has no clue about the game has googled “League of Legends characters” and picked the first 5 images that come up, then stretched them out over a t-shirt on their home printer.”

This post, on the Queensofleague subreddit, titled ‘The Aphelios collection from Bershka should be considered a crime‘, received a lot of negative comments.

Another post on the r/lol subreddit received some other negative comments, with Rawrch saying: “Doesn’t look great lmao. I don’t think a single piece here is stylish or would be considered cool whatsoever.”

However, others reacted more favourably to the Bershka League of Legends clothing.

Daniel_snoopeh said: “Yo some pieces are stylish af. Sadly nothing in my size but much better what Uniqlo had to offer.”

OrionGaming added: “The cargo pants are dope. The other pieces are w/e.”

And comeondude 55 said the pants were ‘sick’.

Others created memes and made lighthearted comments:

You can see the full range of Bershka League of Legends clothing on the retailer’s website.

Riot Games has teamed up with other fashion retailers for League of Legends clothing in the past, including H&M and Uniqlo.

Riot also has its own official merch store featuring clothing, figures and more.

Elsewhere, new League of Legends action figure toys were recently launched by Spin Master, including Thresh, Zed, Jinx, Vi and more.

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