Endpoint win eighth CSGO ESL Premiership after going unbeaten in Autumn 2021 season

endpoint logo updated 2021

There are three guarantees in life – death, taxes and Endpoint winning the ESL Premiership.

The UK esports organisation have made a habit of securing victories in the UK and Ireland CSGO tournaments, and yesterday they picked up their latest.

Endpoint have now won eight CSGO ESL Premierships, and this is their sixth in a row. To top it off, they wernt unbeaten throughout the entire August 2021 season.

Endpoint beat Into The Breach 3-0 in the grand final yesterday to qualify for the ESL Pro League Conference, where they will have the chance to play in the full Pro League again.

You can see more specific results and stats on the ESL Prem August 2021 CSGO Season on Liquipedia.net.

Adam Jessop, Endpoint CEO, told Esports News UK: “The level of competition is getting stronger and I think the future of UK CSGO is looking good right now, so while it was a 3-0 in the final, I think it flatters of us to some extent, it doesn’t reflect the true competitiveness of the ESL Prem at the moment. But it’s nice to be in that position.”

Endpoint co-owner Peter Thompson echoed this, saying UK and Ireland Counter-Strike right now is potentially stronger than it has ever been.

Five years ago, Adam Jessop wrote an opinion piece for us looking at why esports orgs need to be smarter. Since then he’s grown a team and put things in place to push his org – and UK/Ire CS – forwards.

In a scene that has often been volatile over the years, Endpoint have brought stability. They have secured funding with the Endpoint CeX partnership, have introduced legacy membership to retain CSGO talent, and have an academy side, which is currently looking for more players.

Will we see the likes of the orgs above, like Into the Breach or Team Coalesce, take Endpoint’s reign in the future? We’re not sure, but we’ll be there for the ride as UK CSGO evolves, and healthy competition can only bring further positives to the scene.

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