Bewitching Morgana Prestige Edition leads a line of new Halloween LoL skins for 2021

bewitching morgana prestige edition

A new Prestige skin for Morgana has been revealed by Riot Games, along with a bunch of other new League of Legends skins in time for Halloween.

Bewitching Morgana Prestige Edition leads a new line of skins which will be heading to the PBE (Public Beta Environment) in League of Legends.

These are Bewitching Fiora, Bewitching Nami, Bewitching Poppy, Bewitching Syndra and Bewitching Yuumi.

You can see the splash art for the new Harrowing skins here, with Morgana’s at the top of this article:

The standard Bewitching Morgana skin first launched in 2016 and now some five years later Riot is adding a prestige version, complete with the trademark prestige white and gold colour scheme.

Riot first announced the 2021 Prestige Skin line-up at the start of this year, with other prestige versions including skins for Fiora, Lulu, Kayne, Leona and more.

Prestige Edition skins can be unlocked in exchange for 100 Prestige Points. These can be acquired via in-game events, with players able to complete missions and play games to unlock rewards.

The Bewitching Morgana Prestige Edition skin can also be acquired using Prestige Points.

Riot has said the Prestige Points system will be changing. Earlier this year, it said: “2020 Prestige Points will extend through the end of 2021. Those of you who complete all 2020 and 2021 Event Pass milestone missions will have earned 400 Prestige Points in total.

“The final Prestige Point shop has been moved back to December, when you’ll have access to the full set of 2020 and 2021 prestige skins.”

Speaking of Halloween skins, Scottish League of Legends content creator RossBoomsocks has just launched a real life cosplay set of himself to ‘Save Halloween’, so now everyone can dress up like the silly streamer.

And in other League of Legends champion news, new LoL champion Vex, the Gloomy Mage, was recently revealed.

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