How did Fnatic qualify for Valorant Champions 2021?

valorant champions tour 2021

Good news for Fnatic Valorant fans – the team have qualified for the most prestigious tournament of the year: Valorant Champions 2021.

The side, which features UK talent Boaster and Mistic, plus coach mini, along with Croation player Doma, Finnish player Derke and Czech player Magnum, plus US coach Anderzz, have had a year of ups and downs so far.

Last month, Fnatic failed to qualify for the EMEA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs, and as a result of this, missed out on Masters LAN in Berlin, which has just concluded.

Prior to this, however, they had a run of top performances. Fnatic qualified for the previous Masters event in Iceland, and went on to reach the Stage 2 Masters Grand Final, where Fnatic lost to Sentinels.

The Valorant Champions Tour is of course a season-long competition that’s been taking place throughout 2021 around the world. It features three levels of competition: Challengers, Masters and Champions.

So, how have Fnatic qualified for Valorant Champions 2021, which is due to take place in Berlin this December?

Gambit won Masters Berlin this weekend, automatically qualifying them for Champions. This means that Fnatic also make it through based on the EMEA Circuit Points they have accrued, for doing well at Masters Reykjavík for example.

Fnatic founder and CEO Sam Mathews explained:

Fnatic’s Valorant team captain Boaster was ecstatic with the news.

He thanked Gambit and posted a brief meme video of Gambit carrying them to Champions:

Valorant Champions 2021 takes place from December 2nd to 12th 2021. You can see more teams that have qualified for Valorant Champions 2021 so far on the Liquipedia website.

Riot announced the Valorant Champions Tour towards the end of 2020.

Elsewhere this evening, Fnatic’s academy League of Legends team, Fnatic Rising, lost the EU Masters final to Karmine Corp.

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