Fnatic UK Valorant players remain upbeat after losing Stage 2 Masters Grand Final: ‘We can’t wait to play Sentinels again – Berlin will be ours!’

fnatic masters 2 final sentinels valorant

Fnatic fell to Sentinels 3-0 in the Valorant Stage 2 Masters LAN in Reykjavík, Iceland, this evening, with each game extremely close between the two sides.

London-based org Fnatic went toe-to-toe with the North American team, who didn’t drop a single map during the entire tournament – a prediction made by Version1’s UK coach Immi that proved to come true.

Sentinels won the three games 14-12 (on Split), 16-14 (Bind) and 13-11 (Haven). In doing so, they went undefeated in the first international Valorant LAN and locked in a spot in the 2021 Valorant Champions tournament at the end of the year.

Fnatic should be proud of their performance tonight – they stood toe-to-toe with the North American giants and made them fight hard for each game. They made a solid run through the lower bracket to get to the finals and showed the world why they’re one of the best in Valorant right now.

UK caster DDK said after the match: “Fnatic proved they’re able to have resilience, the comeback on Haven… I think the pressure created a collapse and I felt like the pressure got to Fnatic. But what an amazing experience for both teams to better deal with it next time, it’s invaluable.”

Fnatic’s UK players, Boaster and Mistic, remained positive after the final.

The comments were reflective of Fnatic’s whole vibe and attitude this tournament – positive, energetic and determined. A lot of that has been led by the team’s UK captain, Boaster, who has been putting smiles on Valorant fans with his cheeky, cheery antics on social media and the team’s creative victory celebrations.

The next Masters stage in Valorant esports is Masters 3, which will take place in Berlin, Germany, this September.

The Sentinels players were of course ecstatic after their win, with darp saying they’re the best Valorant team in the world on Twitter.

Fnatic, meanwhile, said they were proud to have made it to the final.

Fnatic’s roster consists of Boaster, Doma, Mistic, Derke and Magnum, and Sentinels is ShahZaM, SicK, zombs, dapr and TenZ.

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