Former Astralis star changes to American team


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Danish CSGO player Patrick ‘Es3tag’ Hansen has gone to the USA to play for Complexity.

The 25-year-old got a new employer with immediate effect last month. It was clear after the Dallas-based organisation Complexity benched American star player, William ‘Rush’ Wierzba, that changes would be made.

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The evolution of a juggernaut

A few minutes after announcing RUSH had been benched, Complexity announced the deal on Twitter:

“The evolution of a juggernaut: Welcome @es3tag to @Complexity,” the tweet read.

Es3tag therefore replaced RUSH and became teammates with Danes Benjamin ‘blameF’ Bremer and Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke.

Thus, Astralis fans did not get to see Es3tag back in the jersey with the red star this time around.

Es3tag has been available on the player market since he stopped playing with another American team, Cloud9.

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Promoted article (contains affiliate links, you must be aged 18 and over to gamble)

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