Should the Timed Kill Race format be scrapped from Warzone tournaments? Debate ensues after UK players win Toronto Ultra’s $100,000 Canada Cup

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Top Call of Duty players – including some from the UK – have called for a boycott of the Timed Kill Race (TKR) format in future Warzone tournaments.

This format sees teams play in their own lobbies against random players, as they try to rack up as many kills as they can within a certain time window.

What should be a test between players of similar skill levels descends into a sub-game of ‘who can get the best lobbies with the easiest players in’, so that the tournament participants can improve their KDA (kill/death/assist) ratios.

This has frustrated some players, who have called for a boycott of this type of format in the future in favour of a 2v2/custom format – including Welsh former Royal Ravens player Rhys ‘Rated’ Price:

This got the community talking, with many agreeing with Rated.

Fellow UK player Tommey added in a Twitter thread: “Every single time there’s a tournament with this format, there’s always an issue. Fifa and Warsz did a smart thing, playing with Recrent who’s still incredibly good – that was a great move to better their chances of winning. It worked and congratulations to them on going crazy.

“It’s just how it goes and I hope this is the last TKR that’s hosted as the main format in the big tournaments. Everyone’s fed up of it, it’s no fun unless you are being blessed with low skilled lobbies.”

Of course, you still need to be good to win, and credit to UK players Fifakill and WarsZ, who, along with Russian player Recrent, won the Toronto Ultra $100,000 Jack Link’s Canada Cup yesterday.

Jukeyz, a UK streamer for London Royal Ravens who was named a Red Bull athlete earlier this year, agreed with Rated. He’s been frustrated recently because he’s been unable to play due to a fractured wrist.

Dexerto reports Jukeyz’ injury was caused by an attempted (but apparently failed) robbery of a Rolex watch at a house party in late June, which resulted in injuries to Jukeyz and his friend.

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