League of Legends esports now has its own sticker album as LVP Superliga partners with Panini for the first time

superliga league legends sticker book panini

Sticker albums are largely associated with football here in the UK, but now they’re branching out into League of Legends and esports for the first time.

Trading card manufacturer Panini has teamed up with LVP (MediaPro Group) to produce a sticker collection for The Superliga, the Spanish European Regional League (ERL).

The Superliga album is now available in digital format, although fans who complete it will have the opportunity to purchase it in physical format as well.

The Superliga album contains pages of each team and the rosters within them. Players and coaches in the Superliga will have their own stickers, as will the team logos, jerseys and venues where they play their matches.

“We are proud to spearhead this initiative together with the absolute benchmark in the sector, Panini, and we’re sure it will delight our community.”

Jordi Soler, LVP

In addition, the Superliga album also includes pages dedicated to the history of the competition, where fans will discover ‘several surprises’. For example, current commentators, who have two pages, the new Superliga trophy, which debuts in the 2021 summer edition, as well as some gaming legends – historical players who made their impact on the old Honor Division or the current Superliga.

This marks the time Panini has dedicated an album of stickers to the esports sector. 

To begin collecting, fans must register on the Panini website, where they can purchase packets. The social media accounts of the LVP and Superliga clubs will also raffle packets during the coming weeks.

“The launch of the Superliga album is a spectacular milestone for esports,” said Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP. 

“From LVP we are proud to spearhead the initiative together with the absolute benchmark in the sector, Panini, and to present this novel feature we’re sure will delight our community. We are convinced that this launch is just the beginning of much more we’ll be seeing in the coming years.”

Could we see sticker albums on other ERLs, like the UK/Nordics’ NLC, or even the EU Masters or LEC in the future, perhaps?

Fans of Superliga can watch the games every Monday and Thursday on the LVP Twitch channel and on TV via UBEAT.

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