UK casters lead Wild Rift Origin Series broadcast line-up including Tridd, Deman, Dezachu and Excoundrel, with three UK teams in Group A

wild rift origin series logo

A mix of experienced British esports casters have joined the upcoming League of Legends: Wild Rift Origin Series broadcast talent line-up.

And there’s three UK teams involved: Team Future, Reason Gaming and Resolve.

Tridd will host the Riot Games tournament for the Europe, CIS, Turkey and MENA regions, which features a €300,000 prize pool.

Casters will include UK/France caster Maxman30, as well as Brits Excoundrel, Dezachu and Deman, the latter of which has built up a ton of esports desk experience over the past decade, including the earlier days of League of Legends esports. This move marks a return to League of Legends for him, albeit the mobile version of Riot’s MOBA.

Deman said he was ‘looking forward’ to get back to what he’s known for.

The casters all expressed their excitement for joining the line-up on Twitter, with Excoundrel saying he’s ‘so hyped and excited’ to be involved with the first part of the Origin Series, and to be working with a team of ‘amazing people!’

Excoundrel also produces Wild Rift content on YouTube, and recently passed the 100,000 subscriber mark.

Other broadcast talent on the show includes analyst Hellsdevil, who is based in the Netherlands, and US analyst TJ.

“Grew up watching Deman cast LoL, now I get to cast mobile LoL with him. Funny what can happen in a few years!”


The Wild Rift Origin Series was first announced last month and kicks off next Monday (June 21st 2021).

The Origin Series consists of open qualifiers and monthly cup finals. There will be three monthly cups in
2021 – one in June, one in July and one in August.

Each Monthly Cup is split into three groups (A, B and C) based on factors like geography and latency.

As mentioned, there are three UK teams in Group A: Team Future, Reason Gaming and Resolve.

It was also recently announced that China will have its own Wild Rift tournament, with LPL League of Legends orgs fielding their own Wild Rift teams in this competition and the winner reaching the Wild Rift World Championship.

League of Legends mobile game Wild Rift first launched on mobile devices late last year in the UK and other regions, and now the esports side of the game is ramping up.

Riot announced Wild Rift esports plans earlier this year and, back in March, ESL announced the ESL Wild Rift Premiership for the UK, Ireland and Nordics with a £5,000 prize pool.

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