Why you shouldn’t confuse Esports Betting with Virtual Sports Betting

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You probably already know that the betting industry is changing fast. Gone are the days where all you could bet on was horse racing and football. Now you can bet on everything from video games like CSGO to sports simulations.

While these betting innovations are undoubtedly impressive, they have the capacity to confuse those people who are new to online betting. So here are a few clues that outline the key differences between esports betting and virtual sports betting.

Random number generators versus real humans

When you bet on esports like League of Legends and Dota 2, you are of course betting on the performances of human professional players. This is in contrast to virtual sports betting, where you are betting on the results of a random number generator. As such, there are more variables that could affect the result of an esports match compared to virtual sports.

Predictability versus randomness

You might think that esports tournaments are notoriously unpredictable, but it can be much easier to guess what’s going to happen in a competitive gaming showdown compared to virtual sports betting. This is because the random number generator that powers virtual sports ensures that nobody will be able to predict the result. Plus, all of the sites featured on resources like VirtualSportsBetting.com have their random number generators independently verified by third-party testing agencies to make sure that you only ever get truly fair results. 

Fiction versus reality

It’s worth noting that esports can take you on a wild flight of fancy, while some say virtual sports are more grounded in reality. If you’re betting on a battle arena game like League of Legends, you’ll have to deal with all manner of weird and wonderful in-game lore, the in-game items, characters, storylines and more. But if you’re betting on virtual sports, things shouldn’t appear too different from a regular football game or horse race.

Timing is everything

We should mention the fact that virtual sports take place continuously on a betting site 24/7, whereas esports events usually get underway during a pre-set yearly schedule (depending on the tournament). One can bet on a variety of events such as world cup tournaments, season leagues and more. 

Blurring the lines between esports wagering and virtual sports betting

By now you’ll hopefully be pretty confident about spotting the difference between betting on esports and betting on virtual sports. But before you get too carried away it’s worth noting that a few enterprising bookmakers have created something called virtual esports betting.

This is where you bet on recreations of previous esports matches. Obviously you won’t know the score, but will bet on the game as if it was happening now. At the moment you can only try virtual esports betting on first-person shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and other titles such as Rocket League, NBA2K and Street Fighter V. But if it takes off, we can expect the lines between esports betting and virtual sports betting to blur even further.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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