UK streamer TommyInnit named fastest-growing Twitch streamer of 2021 so far


Minecraft streamer TommyInnit is Twitch’s fastest-growing streamer in 2021 so far, according to research from esports betting platform Unikrn.

The British gamer, real name Thomas Simons, has grown by 2.3m followers on the platform this year taking his overall followers to more than 5m.

Fellow Brit, Tubbo, one of Tommy’s friends, is the fourth fastest-growing streamer in 2021 according to Unikrn, and has managed to bring in 1.5m new fans, almost doubling his following.

Elsewhere, Pokimane and Nihachu are flying the flag for female streamers in the list – growing their audience by 692,000 and 746,000, respectively.

There is no room for the most-watched Twitch streamer so far this year in xQc though – who despite growing his following by more than 800,000, lost 2.6m followers to bots earlier this month.

Both Ninja and Shroud have also missed out, with neither seeing the instant success they were maybe hoping for on their return to the platform last year.

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The research was conducted by the data arm of Unikrn, which has crunched the numbers to produce the list of the top 20 streamers that have grown their audience the fastest over the past four months.

A spokesperson for Unikrn said: “It appears Twitch could be starting to see a somewhat changing of the guard this year with a new generation of streamers – the likes of TommyInnit, Tubbo and RanbooLive – topping our list for the fastest-growing accounts so far in 2021.

“The findings also appear to be down to the continued rise in popularity of Minecraft and the community that follows the game – with more than half of our list being made up by streamers that play the sandbox classic.”

Unikrn’s top 20 fastest-growing streamers of 2021 so far

RankStreamerGameFollowers gained in 2021Overall followersLanguage
3TheGrefgFortnite/GTA V1,530,0007,180,000Spanish
5AuronplayRust/Retro Games1,480,0008,260,000Spanish
8QuackityMinecraft/Sims 41,210,0003,130,000English
11IbaiGTA V/ League of Legends1,100,0005,800,000Spanish
12RubiusMinecraft/Fortnite/ GTA V1,080,0008,860,000Spanish
16LudwigPokemon/Mario/ Chess1,031,0002,670,000English
17juansgarnizoFortnite/GTA V943,0003,800,000Spanish
18SykkunoGTA V/Valorant829,0003,200,000English
20PokimaneValorant/Among Us692,0007,600,000English
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