‘The crossover no one expected’ – UK streamer Bizzleberry duo queues with Ninja in League of Legends

bizzleberry ninja lol streams

UK League of Legends streamer Bizzleberry has teamed up with none other than global streaming star Ninja.

One viewer (Jared Jackson) described it as “the crossover no one expected, but everyone wanted”.

The pair played a few games in Platinum elo today on Bizzleberry’s Twitch channel (starting around the 6 hour 56 minute mark).

They won both matches as a bot-lane duo, with Bizzle playing as Lulu and Ninja as Aphelios. In the first game Bizzle went 4/2/20 and Ninja 19/4/7, and in the second they had scorelines of 1/5/19 and 11/9/9 respectively.

It seemed to be a case of opposites attract, with Bizzle’s calm demeanor meshing surprisingly well with Ninja’s more energetic style of streaming.

Ninja also rocked up high on the damage charts.

It should be noted that Bizzle is an ex-Challenger support main, and finished last season in Master on his non-streaming account, so the elo was lower than his usual. He got promoted to Plat 3 after the first match.

The pair chatted about League, streaming and even got onto the subject of Ninja’s dog pooping around his house.

“What an unexpected event for the day! That was fun. Hope you guys enjoyed the duo sesh,” Bizzleberry said to his viewers after the stream.

It’s not the first time the pair have played League together. Bizzle posted this video of him playing with Ninja last month.

Elsewhere, Bizzleberry has been taking part in a Twitch Rivals League of Legends event. He said his team picked up $5,500 between them recently, and has been on Team pankylol with Caedrel, Elwind, pankylol, Aria51 and Lassagnalol.

He was also raided by UK LEC caster Medic on Twitch and had more than 1,100 viewers today.

Ninja rose to stardom a few years back and became known for playing Fortnite during the game’s early days. He famously played with rapper Drake.

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