Valkia quits streaming, hints at ‘exciting unannounced projects’

valkia streamer 2021

Popular UK streamer Valkia, aka Mark Purdy, has announced he is stepping down from streaming.

The partnered Twitch streamer, who has more than 300,000 followers on the platform, cited health issues and hitting a progression wall as some of the reasons why he’s moving away from Twitch.

Valkia has built a solid name for himself in games such as Overwatch and Call of Duty Warzone in the six years or so he’s been streaming.

He said in a Twitlonger post: “I feel that I’ve hit a progression wall with the streams and that I’m not learning or challenging myself as much as I would like to.

“Switching to different games takes a big toll, and streaming requires more energy than most people realise, and in turn I’ve not been having a great time with my mental health. I suffer from health anxiety and the constant eye strain from streaming and gaming for long hours has become a huge problem for me.

“So I want to take some time away to get help to set myself right again as this has grown to be a big burden. I feel that I’ve let the community down, and haven’t been able to continue to provide what is required to keep a healthy and fun stream.”

However, Valkia did say that there are other exciting things on the horizon for him, including work with games marketing agency Disobey, which focuses on influencer and social media campaigns.

He also said he’ll continue to upload Warzone content on Valkia’s YouTube channel and produce content on channels like TikTok too, with his Discord also remaining active.

Valkia added: “I’ll continue to learn and I’ve got some exciting unannounced projects lined up. I’ll also be getting more involved with Disobey, which will mean that I’ll be able to help provide opportunities to creators and use my marketing background and streaming experience to improve the way brands work with creators.

“I want to thank my community, other streamers that I have met along this journey and every brand that believed in me and provided me with opportunities these last few years.”

We salute you Valkia and wish you all the best – we’ll never forget your epic Pharah plays!

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