Why is esports becoming so popular in the online gambling industry?

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There are several industries that became really popular in the last couple of years. Although cryptocurrencies are up there, esports is of course also on that list. Ever since games like Dota 2 and League of Legends came out, with growing tournaments, the industry grew massively in a very short period of time.

Instead of the casual tournaments where people played against each other for a small prize, nowadays some events bring together millions of fans from different parts of the world. What’s more, the prize pools are as big as some of the biggest tennis and other sports competitions.

The Dota 2 International and Fortnite World Cup have had prize pools of more than $30m in the past, for example.

As you can imagine, this popularity also has an effect on the iGaming (online gambling) industry. Many years ago, there were hardly any online bookies that allowed their clients to wager on these types of games. Needless to say, almost every site now has at least several options to choose from.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why esports became so popular in the betting industry.

Esports offer a unique gambling experience

If you decide to read this review of GG.bet, you will see that this gambling operator covers all sorts of esport titles. Regardless of which one you choose, you will have a unique gambling experience because these games are different than any other regular physical sport.

Besides gamers, even people who don’t follow any esport have placed bets on these events, because they want to experience something different. However, wagering on esports without understanding anything is not a good idea because this is one of the sports that can be difficult to predict.

Some websites have special esports promotions

Another thing that makes esports the go-to option for many punters is the bonuses. As you probably know, almost every gambling operator will offer different types of bonuses. Some of them are created for new customers, whereas others can be used by bettors who don’t have an account.

Besides the traditional offers that work on every sport, there are special esports rewards. Most of them can be used on a specific game, such as CS: GO and Overwatch, but there are some exceptions.

Esports are extremely fun to watch, even if you don’t have a lot of experience

Besides being a good betting option due to the many unique markets and good odds, most esports also happen to be amazing to watch. Some like shooters have fast-paced and dynamic gameplay, which means that things can change really fast.

However, this means that you should be careful once you start betting because you can never be sure what will happen.


If you want to bet on esports, we suggest reading as much information about each game as possible. You can even play the game yourself to get a better undertstanding of how it works. Sure, it will take some time, but it will be difficult to become a successful esports bettor unless you go through this process of learning and understanding the esport, and its players and teams, inside out.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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