UK content creator Amenyah wins G2’s ‘Making The Squad’ TV show, wins €10,000 and a job with the organisation

G2 Amenyah

European esports organisation G2 Esports and Insight TV have announced the winner of their TV series ‘G2: Making the Squad’, FIFA 21 edition, presented with Pringles.

UK-based creator Daniel ‘Amenyah’ beat the other nine contestants in Berlin, taking home the title, the grand prize of €10,000 and has been signed as one of G2 Esports’ official content creators.  

G2 scouted the globe and found 10 of the ‘best, funniest and most entertaining’ FIFA streamers, who live and breathe the beautiful game to compete against each other in the series.

Daniel battled the other competitors both on and off the pitch, taking on a series of challenges showcasing their skills in FIFA 21 and in FIFA-themed real life challenges. 

In a press release, G2 says Amenyah ‘took out the competition with his charismatic and entertaining personality as well as his talented FIFA skills’.

“This third series of is another step towards making esports more mainstream, and easily accessible for anyone to watch, whether an avid gamer or simply intrigued to learn more about esports,” read a press release.

It’s also the first series of the Making The Squad format broadcast to a television audience on Insight TV, a 4K UHD channel with a reach of over 28 countries worldwide and 100 million households, after two digital-only series. 

You can watch the ‘Making the Squad’ series on the G2 Esports YouTube channel and Insight TV. 

The UK has produced a host of FIFA talent over the years.

In other UK FIFA news, Esports News UK interviewed Hashtag Tom ahead of this week’s eLions Eliminator.

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