UK FIFA pro Harry Hesketh retires from competitive play after receiving EA ban for making comments about another player’s mum

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UK FIFA pro player Harry Hesketh has announced his retirement from competitive play after being handed a suspension by the game’s developers, EA.

He’s now transitioning into content creation and will continue to publish videos on his YouTube channel, which has more than 700,000 subscribers, and a second channel he made.

Harry received a one qualifier suspension, meaning he would have missed the Europe Regional Qualifier on February 6th and 7th 2021.

EA said: “[Harry was] suspended in response to language used during a Twitch broadcast on December 12th 2020, in reference to an opponent’s immediate family member. Due to a prior Final Warning for an Official Rules and Code of Conduct violation, the penalty in this case is escalated to a one qualifier suspension.”

The broadcast in question is this one here, where Harry was matched against young Danish FIFA star Anders Vejrgang and lost to him 13-0. It’s worth noting Harry clearly wasn’t trying during the match, and was in merry spirits in the run-up to Christmas.

Harry explained in the below video: “It’s in EA’s power to ban you for anything. But the only reason for this ban is the mum’s joke I made.

“His manager had told me before that Anders doesn’t read or speak English. So because of the language barrier, after the game my main concern was him not knowing whether I had or hadn’t sent people [to him, to talk about the match afterwards or send him comments], and I said to him that I didn’t send anyone.

“Then we were talking about his reaction and I made one distasteful comment. I said something like ‘his fingers might be quick, but mine are longer’ – and made a reference to his mother. I apologise directly to Anders and his mother. Please do not go after Anders or defend me.”

Fnatic added in a statement: “We have mutually agreed to part ways with Harry Hesketh, to allow him to focus on his own career as a solo content creator.

“Following EA’s statement banning Harry from competing in the upcoming Europe Regional Qualifier, we spoke with Harry about his future as a professional FIFA player. Harry informed us of his intention to retire as a player, and we agreed it was best for both parties to terminate his contract with the Black and Orange.

“Despite joining Fnatic in challenging times, Harry’s energy and personality has been a huge asset to Fnatic since his signing. We wish him all the best for his career as a content creator.”

Anders, now 15 years old, published this tweet after the comments back in December:

FIFA has a host of popular players and content creators from the UK, including Harry’s former teammate, Tekkz, who is still signed to Fnatic.

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8 months ago

Anders response is pathetic. He won’t “let negativity have an impact on him”? Absolute chochness. His own mother can’t possibly love him given that quality of response. What a douche bag.