Streamers can now avoid payment fees from donations thanks to StreamElements and VibePay partnership

vibepay streamelements

Streamers can make more money from viewer tips and donations by receiving 100% of the amount, rather than having to pay a payment fee on each one.

London-based VibePay has today announced integration with popular content creator tools and services provider StreamElements.

The partnership means gamers can instantly send and receive money from viewers and subscribers, directly from account to account, for free.

Payment provider VibePay says ‘gamers will no longer be burnt by unfair payment fees and have to waste time sharing bank details through unsafe methods, instead they can now focus on what they love doing the most and receive 100% of their tips’.

Streamers typically accept donations through StreamElements and PayPal, the latter of which takes a small cut on each payment received.

To mark the new partnerships with StreamElements, VibePay is also launching its affiliate programme, which rewards streamers for connecting their viewers to VibePay. This includes referral rewards, sponsored giveaways and competitions.

Through the programme, VibePay will be targeting the biggest names in the streaming world to continue to grow its community, which includes award-winning grime artist, JME, who actively takes part in #VibePayFriday and recently promoted the testing of the product on Twitter.

Luke Massie, CEO of VibePay, said: “Gaming is one of the most creative and rapidly growing industries in the world, yet the community is still making and receiving tips through dated payment methods.

“As streaming is the main source of income for many people, they shouldn’t have to pay unfair fees and wait days, or even weeks, to receive tips which they rely on to live. Payments should be instant and seamlessly integrated into the streaming experience with no fees.

“Through our new partnerships, we want to make content creators’ lives easier and also help others who want to make the streaming dream a reality.”

Shay Ben Yacov, product manager at StreamElements, added: “StreamElements provides content creators with the platform to turn their passions and talents into a business. With streaming becoming the main profession for many users on our platform, VibePay will help these creators get paid easily through tips while being able to keep 100% of what they are given.

“This is just the start of the journey with the team at VibePay and we can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store.”

There’s more info on setting up VibePay on StreamElements at

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