James Banks joins Alliance as Valorant general manager

james banks alliance

British esports host and commentator James Banks has joined Swedish organisation Alliance.

James has become the organisation’s new general manager for Valorant as it takes its first steps into Riot’s competitive shooter.

The news was announced a few days ago in the below video:

James Banks said: “I’m going to be the general manager for the Alliance Valorant team, and my goal here is to find and scout out the best players possible – not just in terms of performance, but I want something that we can build around, I want something that we can really work with and mould.

“Valorant right now is super exciting and now we have got to the point where the official Riot events have come out.

“You can see the future they’re trying to build around it and I want to make sure where they’re right at the beginning, with a team that can perform and really make a name for themselves.

“In a new game it takes a lot to succeed, I think you have to go in with a completely open mind – don’t be stuck in your ways.”

He added: “I want to see players that are hungry, motivated and want to push to be better. I think that’s so important especially in a new game and a team game, to really make the difference. And that’s what we want to do.”

James Banks has hosted many esports events over the years, and most recently has been working as a host for the Valorant First Strike Europe qualifiers, where Guild Esports were had an auto-loss due to a bug exploit.

Earlier this year, James made several claims towards fellow British host Paul Chaloner, which led to Paul quitting esports.

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