NLC Fall Open 2020 gets underway: Team rosters, brackets and broadcasters revealed


The inaugural NLC 2020 summer season, won by Fnatic Rising, was a thrilling journey for League of Legends teams in the UK/Ireland and Nordics – and hopeful sign for things to come in the future.

Now the NLC Fall Open tournament has begun. Any team within the NLC ecosystem (including the UKLC, Telia leagues etc) are allowed to participate, with 16 teams competing for a prize pool of โ‚ฌ24,000. There may be no Excel or Fnatic, but there’s still plenty to get excited about, as Megalodontus shows in this roster roundup.

Format details

The Open Qualifier 1 started on October 16th and the second one starts on October 23rd. Teams will play a single round elimination best-of-three, with 22 teams participating for the first Open Qualifier.

Four teams from each qualifier will advance.

Keen followers of the UK LoL scene will note there are teams like London Esports, Enclave, Barrage, MNM Gaming and Resolve participating.

You can find the full bracket of the Open Qualifier 1 here and more info on the NLC website here.

Qualifiers broadcaster list

For the Open Qualifiers, the NLC opened its applications to the community, where organisations or individuals could apply to to be one of the NLC’s partner broadcasts to show the qualifying matches.

The confirmed broadcast partners are as follows:

  • Demb
  • Absolved
  • Phoenix Rising Productions
  • SQ1
  • UK Esports League
  • Nordavind DNB
  • Granit
  • Riddle
  • Invulnerables Esports
  • London Esports
  • Flรธng Esports

NLC Fall Open teams and rosters

Here are all 22 teams taking part in the Fall Open, and again it should be noted that both UK academy teams Fnatic Rising and BT Excel are not participating.


Atlando Esports

Barrage Esports

Barrage Academy

Domino Esport



TBC, but this is their roster from the NLC:

  • Top: Nille
  • Jungle: Taikki
  • Mid: Simpli
  • Bot: Kehvo
  • Support: Seffe

Enclave Gaming

Granit Gaming

Invulnerables Esports

KOVA Esports

TBC, this is their roster from Telia Masters/TES Finland:

  • Top: Tauty
  • Jungle: Euna
  • Mid: Merza
  • Bot: Snurmi
  • Support: Tiara
  • Sub: VL

London Esports

Lundqvist Lightside


MNM Gaming

Nordavind Academy


Nordic Dogs

According to Gamepedia:

  • Top: Stumpybummer
  • Jungle: SHXDXW
  • Mid: Niksis
  • Bot: liuggis
  • Support: Fahox

NVision Esports


According to Gamepedia:

  • Top: Voluxa
  • Jungle: Dexui
  • Mid: Yameru
  • Bot: Azitor
  • Support: Selfway

Plejehjemmet Kalder

According to Gamepedia:

  • Top: Lunddorf
  • Jungle: Julbu
  • Mid: Alec
  • Bot: Linops
  • Support: Eloguden


Riddle Esports

Team Singularity

Tricked Esport

TBC, this is their roster from the NLC:

  • Top: WeiZoR
  • Jungle: Sof
  • Mid: Eren
  • Bot: Achuu
  • Support: Flaystation

UniQ Esports Club


Viking Esports

Wizard Esports

According to Gamepedia:

  • Weka
  • Sidon
  • Adrian “Addi” Kristiansen
  • Denden
  • Kejila

XY Esports

According to Gamepedia:

  • Top: Leikmaรฐur
  • Jungle: Jammzzyy
  • Mid: Arnar “Addi” Snรฆland
  • Bot: Oktopus
  • Support: Bad Habit

The NLC Fall Open’s first qualifier has begun and the second starts on October 23rd, with the Main Event on November 5th. You can watch this at

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