MagiFelix called up to Fnatic first team as a sub for Worlds; Fnatic Rising are knocked out of the EU Masters


Fnatic Rising midlaner Felix ‘MagiFelix’ Boström will be joining the London org’s first team in Shanghai as a substitute for Worlds 2020. 

The Swedish player has been a consistently reliable pillar for Fnatic’s League of Legends academy team since joining in 2019, and has picked up several MVP awards playing in the UK scene.

He’s won three UKLC titles consecutively and recenly won the NLC with Fnatic Rising. As a result, the Fnatic Rising team progressed through to the the European Masters (EUM), but were knocked out of that tournament this evening (September 12th).

With MagiFelix having flown out to China with the Fnatic first team as per the tweet below, this means Fnatic Rising played their substitute midlaner Chibs for their final EUM matches.

Fnatic have now arrived safely in Shanghai and will begin their 14-day quarantine.

MagiFelix did play on the main Fnatic roster once in summer 2019, and his jungler teammate Dan was previously called up to the LEC team briefly as well.

The LEC team also brought MagiFelix over to Berlin this season for additional support, though it was not confirmed at the time if MagiFelix would have gone to Worlds with Fnatic.

MagiFelix was known for his solo queue exploits even before joining Fnatic, having ranked up five accounts in every single role to Challenger.

After Fnatic’s LEC finals loss to G2 Esports earlier this month, the team still has the world stage to look forward to, where they made the finals in 2018, but lost to Invictus Gaming.

The team had a difficult summer but in true Fnatic fashion they adapted and made a playoffs run to second place. Just like their history in Europe, Fnatic are a respected name on the international stage and have it all to play for at Worlds 2020.

Riot Games has given the LEC four seeds this year and Fnatic joins G2 Esports, Rogue and MAD Lions in China.

Looking to Fnatic Rising and the EU Masters then, MagiFelix’s replacement, UK resident Chibs, had not played in any official matches in 2020. Since Riddle Esports was knocked out in Play-Ins, Fnatic Rising were the only NLC (and UK) team left in the tournament, but fell out of the group stages this evening.

Chibs played for MNM Gaming for the entirety of 2019 in the UKLC ,and is one of the most promising rookies from the UK circuit. While capable of playing mages such as Zoe, Chibs was particularly noteworthy on assassins such as Irelia, Akali and LeBlanc.

His performances earned him second place in the Team of the Split in 2019 summer, just below MagiFelix.

The Worlds Play-In Stage begins on September 25th.

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