Resolve secure promotion to the UKLC as Bulldog are relegated to the UKEL

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UK esports organisation Resolve have taken Bulldog’s position in the League of Legends UKLC after beating them 3-0 in a relegation series this evening.

Resolve made their way into the series after winning the lower-tier UKEL last month, while Bulldog fell to the relegation series after a win-less split in the summer 2020 UKLC.

Resolve’s side, consisting of Artorias, Lyncas, Pillar, Dragdar and Rychly, remained composed throughout the best-of-5 series. They swept aside Zeiko, Nutri, Thomas Goh, Missclick and Snuggli to book their place in the UKLC.

Yesterday, in the other relegations match, Barrage Academy (Akkers, Afroboi, Wojux, Kd0 and Alpaca) beat NerdRage (Maxibillion, Propapandah, Nice guy Dom, Kzed and Buzzy) 3-0 to secure themselves another split in the UKLC.

Barrage’s academy side finished 7th in the UKLC summer 2020 split, while NerdRage finished second in the UKEL, one place below winners Resolve.

Both Resolve and Barrage Academy will take part in the 2021 UKLC spring split, where they will join Demise, Nvision, MNM Gaming Academy, Munster Rugby Gaming Academy, London Esports and Enclave Gaming.

These eight teams will do battle next year in a bid to qualify for the Telia Masters and the higher-tier NLC above that.

Resolve’s founder Ilias Pajoheshfar was ecstatic after tonight’s victory:

Earlier this month, Fnatic Rising won the NLC and advanced to the EU Masters. They played their first match in the summer 2020 EU Masters today, beating GamersOrigin 1-0.

Fnatic Rising are the academy side of Fnatic’s main League of Legends team, who recently beat Rogue in the LEC playoffs to qualify for the 2020 World Championship (Worlds).

This summer, the BBC has been broadcasting the UK and Ireland League of Legends championships UKLC and NLC, online and via BBC iPlayer.

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