Fnatic sign Welsh Fortnite player crr

fnatic sign crr fortnite player

London-based esports organisation Fnatic have brought on board Welsh Fortnite player Chris ‘crr’ Williams.

Fnatic made the announcement via this video on Twitter, tapping into crr’s Welsh roots (and adding a subtle battle bus near the end):

crr has taken part in many tournaments over the years including Fortnite Champion Series, Platform Cash Cups, Winter Royale and more.

He joins fellow Fnatic Fortnite player Jake ‘smeef’ Smith at the organisation.

As a well-known Fortnite player, crr has almost 350,000 followers on Twitter, more than 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and 160,000 followers on Twitch.

He joins other Welsh talent in esports including the likes of Alphari (LoL player), Vedius (caster), Tadpole (Rocket League), Ataraxia (Smite) and others.

The community reacted positively to crr’s announcement, with other top UK Fortnite players such as Mongraal and Benjyfishy congratulating crr on Twitter and wishing him good luck, as well as others in the community.

Fnatic have experimented with other Fortnite players in the past and it seems the org is looking to get involved again, but this time perhaps in a different direction.

Earlier this year, fellow UK-based esports organisation Excel Esports signed British Fortnite superstar Jaden ‘Wolfiez’ Ashman.

In 2019, Wolfiez finished second in the duos tournament in the Fortnite World Cup, the biggest esports tournament in the hugely popular battle royale game.

The Fortnite World Cup had a $30m prize pool last year, but was cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s hoped it will return and bring together the best Fortnite players again in 2021.

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Jan Ohanlon
Jan Ohanlon
3 years ago

Vee proud of achievements my grandson crr has made. You are well blessed to have him on board