Former NSG players banned from SQ1 League of Legends tournament after making transphobic comments

square one league of legend

Irish esports organisation Nuclear Storm Gaming (NSG) have dropped their League of Legends team after some of their former players made transphobic comments in the Twitch chat.

NSG were playing in the Square One (SQ1, logo pictured) tournament when two of their players, VayneGod and UnknownSwede, were found to have made the comments towards LaggerN, a player for UK esports organisation Absolved. Both VayneGod and UnknownSwede have been permanently banned from the tournament.

VayneGod says he was responding to derogatory comments made about his girlfriend by LaggerN, which LaggerN also addressed on Twitter.

You can see screenshots of some of the initial comments here, here, here and here.

NSG stated to Esports News UK that the team were technically dropped from NSG after the semi-final, before the incident in question, and claim that VayneGod and UnknownSwede were not NSG players when their comments were made.

SQ1 organisers acted swiftly and permanently banned VayneGod and UnknownSwede from their tournament, for breaking section 6.2.4 of their rulebook, which states that team members may not offend ‘on account of race, skin colour… gender, sexual orientation’ and more.

SQ1 said in a Twitlonger: “During the stream of the semi-finals between ABV v STR, there were several targeted comments of transphobic nature and this is not something we approve of in the slightest.

“This type of behaviour is not acceptable from anyone, especially a team captain. We would like to underline that there is no valid reason anyone should be the target of this type of harassment or insults. We will not accept nor allow it, under any circumstance.”

The team were also disqualified from the SQ1 spring split and their 3rd/4th place decider was forfeit.

NSG management responded with the following statements:

Absolved management put out the following statement via a Twitlonger post: “During the course of our SQ1 League season, there were consistently negative comments in Twitch chat from NSG players towards our ADC player, LaggerN. We did not respond to this because we did not want to create unnecessary drama. However, during our match today there were again, many negative comments/attacks from NSG players towards LaggerN throughout the end of the series.

“We do not like drawing this type of attention towards our organisation but we have to set the record straight. LaggerN has the full support of our organisation and we will continue to defend him and offer him support, should he need it.”

Esports News UK understands NSG’s players had been released before the incident, and that the other former NSG LoL players didn’t side with VayneGod and UnknownSwede, meaning these other players may have an opportunity to play again for NSG in the future.

The incident comes after NSG won the second season of the League of Legends UK Esports League (UKEL).

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