Former UK League of Legends player Innaxe called up to Schalke’s LEC first team after Forg1ven steps down

innaxe schalke

Another player that built up experience in the UK League of Legends scene has made his way to the European top tier in the LEC.

20-year-old Bulgarian ADC player Nihat ‘Innaxe’ Aliev has been called up to Schalke’s first team in the LEC, after helping their academy team reach first place in the German Prime League this split so far.

Innaxe will fill in for Schalke’s experienced main ADC Konstantinos-Napoleon ‘Forg1ven’ Tzortziou, who stepped down after snubbing his teammates on social media.

Schalke has had a bad start to the LEC spring 2020 season, losing their first games and sitting bottom of the standings. Following this, Forg1ven made a post on social media announcing his decision to step down.

Schalke then announced its plan to give Innaxe a shot, saying he’s ready for the LEC.

He will play against Rogue and current LEC leaders G2 this weekend.

Innaxe said: “I hope you watch LEC this weekend because it’s my debut. I’m really excited to play, obviously, it’s been six years of playing League of Legends since I started in gold. I just hope you watch.”

He also tweeted saying “mom I made it”.

Innaxe played in the UK League of Legends scene for several years, on teams such as Newcastle Jaguars, Sensei, Xenex and Excel, whom he won the old ESL Premiership with.

He joins other players in the LEC that plied their trade in UK League of Legends, including Caedrel, Alphari, Maxlore, Larssen, Kasing and more.

Also, Innaxe played in the Worlds play-ins stage with Unicorns of Love late last year. He was previously known as Innaxe the Dog Innaxe the God.

You can check out this interview we conducted with Innaxe and his former bot lane partner (and now UKLC caster) Aux, when they were playing at Excel Esports together back in 2017:

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