Number of full-time esports jobs rises 118% year-on-year

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The number of jobs in esports continues to grow at an encouraging rate, according to new data posted by esports jobs website Hitmarker.

The total number of full-time employed esports jobs grew 118% from 3,821 in 2018 to 8,330 last year.

And the number of freelance jobs in esports rose 110.64% year-on-year from 404 to 851.

The amount of hiring companies also increased 17% from 1,184 in 2018 to 1,386 last year.

The UK is the third most-popular location for esports jobs posted on the Hitmarker site, with 677 posted last year. This is in comparison to 6,215 posted in the US and 1,682 remotely. Bear in mind, Hitmarker is a UK-based site and may not be fully reflective of esports jobs around the world.

There are further detailed breakdowns in Hitmarker’s 2019 Esports Jobs Report, which looks at almost 17,000 English language job postings listed on the site over the past two years.

Richard Huggan, Hitmarker MD, said: “This report is a world-first in that it is a comprehensive comparison of esports jobs data from two full calendar years.

“It remains very evident that the esports industry continues to grow apace, with the standout headline from the report being that the [total] number of esports jobs [posted on Hitmarker] grew by an enormous 87% from 5,896 in 2018 to 11,027 in 2019.”

Hitmarker estimates there could be more than 22,500 jobs posted in 2020, with 20,000 of them paid jobs.

While the growth looks encouraging, it is worth noting that esports is still in its relative infancy on the grand scheme of things, and can still be a volatile industry. Last year, most of ESL UK’s staff were made redundant following ESL’s global restructuring plans.

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