Antoine Griezmann’s New Esports Organization

Antoine Griezmann

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Antoine Griezmann is a 29-year-old French footballer who plays for Barcelona FC. He was born in Macon and started his career as a professional footballer in 2009 with Real Sociedad.

Antoine has played for other Spanish clubs like Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. Soccer fans can bet on him as an anytime goalscorer for Barcelona at Betway.

Griezmann also likes playing esports. He recently launched a new esports organization. Read on to learn more about it.

Antoine’s Recent Announcement 

Antoine launched a new esport organization, Grizi Esport, on January 20th with Theo Griezmann, his brother. The siblings are recruiting players who will compete in international tournaments.

They have been ardent gaming fans for many years and are interested in Fortnite, League of Legends and FIFA players. The forward posted a short video clip last week on Twitter and Instagram when launching the organization, which featured several pictures from FIFA and League of Legends. Antoine also owns a popular racehorse.

Theo will be Grizi Esport’s head manager. The siblings created and uploaded an application form for volunteers who would wish to feature in the team. And pundits who bet on esports with Betway will start competing in a League of Legends championships soon.

Grizi Esport

Grizi Esport’s logo will be a penguin. Theo and Antoine will present teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA, Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite. Theo told Le Parisien that the organization is in its development stage and its main goal is to form a team of 20 players. Amateur esports players can send applications to him.

Theo also revealed that they received more than 1,500 applications shortly after Antoine launched the esports organization. Most of the players submitted their application forms through email.

The siblings will start presenting teams in the Gamers Assembly de Pointiers in a few months, once they create a complete roster. Over 2,500 esports teams enlist in the assembly. Antoine will make critical decisions about the team including organizing sponsors, scouting and recruiting new players, while Theo will handle day-to-day operations.

However, Antoine is not the first sports personality who has created an esports team. Many esports fans are waiting to see how Grizi Esports will perform compared to other top teams.

Antoine and Theo have invested a lot in Grizi Esports. Antoine shared his PES and Football Manager rosters in the past on social media. He performed the “Take the L” dance move while celebrating a goal in the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals. And now talented esports players can represent Grizi Esports in different titles.

Other sports celebrities such as Neymar collaborated with famous brands to invest in esports rather than create their teams. They mainly focus on FIFA. For example, Gérard Pique has an eFootball.Pro team that focuses on Pro Evolution Soccer. Barcelona also owns an esports team in the tournament.

Griezmann is a talented forward who has played for the French Under-19 and Under-20 teams, Real Sociedad, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona in his football career, and now hopes to make it big on the esports stage with his esports organization Grizi Esports. The French forward will soon recruit a roster of 20 top players. Esports fans can get the latest news about his organization at Betway.

‘Promoted article’ (contains affiliate links)

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