UK Fortnite player FaZe Jarvis banned for life for using an aimbot, apology video surpasses 5m views

faze jarvis ban fortnite apology

A British Fortnite player permanently banned by Epic Games has seen his apology video become one of the top trending videos on YouTube.

FaZe Jarvis, aka Jarvis Kaye, posted the video earlier this week, saying he had been banned for life for using an aimbot hack on a separate game account.

Jarvis breaks down and cries during the apology, clearly upset and showing regret for his actions.

“Knowing I can never play Fortnite again or create content for you guys, it’s obvious I made a massive mistake and of course I would never think about doing anything like this again,” he said in the below video, which has been viewed more than 5m times.

“When I was making these videos I never thought about the consequences. Cheating in anything is terrible, you should never do it, it’s a dumb thing to do. I should have paid more attention to the community rules and ToS, I urge you to review them so this doesn’t happen to you.”

Jarvis, who has 2m subscribers on YouTube and more than half a million Twitch followers, has recently begun streaming Call of Duty gameplay on Twitch instead.

His brother is FaZe Kay, who also produces content on YouTube.

FaZe Jarvis’ mother, Barbara Khattri, told The Daily Mail: “Jarvis made an error and he admits that. But the gaming community needs to re-think how it treats people. 

“He’s broken. He loves that game. He doesn’t have a devious bone in his body and what I really know is that for any mistake that doesn’t physically harm a person, there should be the chance to make amends.”

The story has made huge news, with newspapers and news sites writing stories about Jarvis around the world.

The UK has some top Fortnite talent, including Mongraal and Wolfiez who did well in the Fortnite World Cup earlier this summer.

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