The future of UK Fortnite? We look at two UK players who have slipped under the radar

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It’s fair to say the Fortnite World Cup pushed Fortnite to even greater heights in the summer, with UK talent like Wolfiez and Mongraal shining. But there a few other names the community should be aware of, says Aaron Ng in this article.

Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson has gradually become a staple in the Fortnite community with recent success in the World Cup and in the Fortnite Champion Series. He has made a name for himself as not only a fantastic player, but an entertaining and charismatic streamer.

Additionally, Jaden ‘Wolfiez’ Ashmen was relatively unknown to the public before his astonishing performance in the World Cup. This earned himself a name in the Fortnite community and the UK media.

Both players have earnt a substantial amount through Fortnite, with Wolfiez earning almost £1m from the Fortnite World Cup alone. Those looking to earn in the online gambling arena can check out who offer a choice of the best betting offers in the UK.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of names I believe have slipped under the radar when it comes to appreciation in the UK scene: E11 Gaming’s Calum ‘Itemm’ MacGillivray and Atlantis’ Max ‘Magin’ Merrien.

Both of these players have produced consistent results, prizes and even world records, yet they have not received the same levels of recognition.

Itemm has shown consistent success ever since his first major break with an invite to ESL Katowice, a LAN event held in Poland. Itemm delivered a dominant performance having to re-strategize before the event even started. This was because Fortnite removed his landing spot on the first match day.

He achieved a 12th place finish in solos and a 15th place in the duo tournament.

Shortly after this, Itemm joined E11. In recent events, Itemm managed an 8th place in the World Cup duo and 70th in the solo qualifiers. Furthermore, a 7th place finish in the recent Fortnite Champion Series: Season X with Rojo and MrSavageM displayed his consistency and ability.

Itemm is known for his positive mindset. He previously said: “Even when I was an unknown player, there’s definitely a problem with toxicity in the community – even some pro players being extremely toxic. I think coming from other sports, especially ones where you need to be sportsmanship, there’s a kind of credibility in that.”

Magin, meanwhile, has followed in a similar path to Itemm – having a successful and consistent career to date. Magin’s first major success came with a 1st place finish in the duo Summer Skirmish with partner and popular Dutch player Mitr0.

This was followed up with a 2nd place in the solo and 18th in the duo at ESL Katowice, 19th in the World Cup solo qualifying and 12th in the World Cup duo qualifying. Just the other weekend, he placed 13th in the Grand Finals of the Fortnite Champion Series with Belvid and Nayte. Magin has showed he is always there or thereabouts and continues to improve in his performances and placements.

As Fortnite esports continues to develop, there will be more chances for Magin and Itemm to showcase their ability in the future.

Alongside Mongraal, Wolfiez and other players, the UK can show that it’s a force to be reckoned with in upcoming Fortnite competitions.

Article contains affiliate link

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