Apes claim world-first Ragnaros & Onyxia kills in WoW Classic less than one week after launch

ragnaros wow classic world first apes

UPDATE (September 1st, 11am): Apes have now downed another end-game boss – Onyxia – just a few hours after killing Ragnaros as outlined below.
Straight after clearing Molten Core, they proceeded to the dungeon Upper Blackrock Spire to gain attunement to Onyxia’s Lair.
There, they used a lot of dwarf priests, warriors and mages to down the dragon (after wiping just once) and secure the WoW Classic world-first.
Check out Apes’ Onyxia kill here:

Original article (posted September 1st, 1.44am): 
It looks like Ragnaros, the end boss of World of Warcraft’s Molten Core raid, has already been defeated in less than a week of WoW Classic launching.
An Alliance guild on EU PVP server Gehennas called Apes apparently killed Ragnaros in the early hours of Sunday September 1st in WoW Classic, becoming the first guild in the world to do so.
The news comes a few days after a gnome mage player from Malta, known as Jokerd, became the first to reach the level cap in WoW Classic (level 60). He is not a member of Apes.
Earlier in August, UK-based esports organisation Method laid out their plans to secure some world-firsts in WoW Classic, but they’ve been pipped to the post by Apes in Molten Core.
You can see the moment Apes secured the world-first Ragnaros kill here:

Some members of the WoW community say the kill has been faked, and it does seem a stretch for Apes to have gone from around level 50 two days ago to not only level 60, but being attuned to Molten Core with all the gear needed to progress through the raid. Most of the raid was not streamed.
But, it’s also worth remembering that WoW is 15 years old. And Apes are an experienced private server guild. They know how to level fast, arguably more so than Method, who’s specialty is securing world-firsts in retail WoW, not rushing through Classic.
In Molten Core, Apes ran the raid with three tanks (one main tank and two DPS specs), six paladins and six priests (making up 12 healers) and the rest DPS.
Wowhead reports that a lot of warriors and mages were in the final raid, with three warlocks for the final kill and just one hunter in the raid. Oddly, they don’t seem to have any human characters in their guild, opting instead mainly for gnomes and dwarves, with a few night elves.
Apes denied any deception and claimed they just stayed awake to progress as quickly as possible through to level 60. Apes also said on stream the WoW Classic raid was ‘undertuned compared to private servers’.
They have another end-game boss, Onyxia, in their sights next.
WoW Classic launched on August 27th.

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