UK Esports Memes of the Month(s): Beautiful Bahri, Area 51, Egospeed's ego, Duck meets Duck & more

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We’re back once again bringing you some of the stand-out UK esports and League of Legends memes over the past few months.
Did we miss any other good ones? DM us!

Tales from another time

UK esports veterans head to the music studio? We’d listen to it.


Riot’s strict testing operations

LoLPros’ co-founder and former League manager Crane had a tweet that absolutely banged back in July:


LoL Avengers Assemble

Esports News UK’s very own Megalodontus came up with this one following Phelan’s impressive run of form (and before they were knocked out by Excel):

And LVP’s DocDa came up with another Avengers-themed meme:


Beeley the beautiful 

Enclave’s meme master Beeley looked to be in form over the summer. Introducing Bahri – a bastardized hybrid of the popular League champion Ahri and Beeley himself. No other words necessary.


Desperate times call for desperate measures

Here’s one from Phelan player Shiklin. Even when they dropped Xizzel as starting top, Shiklin (as the sub) was still not put in and was instead replaced by a new signing, so he made this meme to mark the occasion. This was made just before the tiebreaker with Nvision, when Beartree was unable to play as he was on holiday.


Wholesome Area 51 memes

Enclave produced a UKLC-themed meme in the style of all those ‘storming Area 51’ memes from earlier in the summer:

And the esports society at the University of Hertfordshire also got on board with some alien Area 51 antics:


Keeping Ego’s ego in check

Bulldog Esports’ top-laner Egospeed suffered a nasty funny burn at Insomnia the other week, courtesy of caster Aux.
Bulldog ended up losing the Insomnia LoL BYOC final to Nox.


Phelan when they decide to start playing

Phelan might not have been the best in the regular UKLC split, but when it came to the gauntlet, they were a team transformed.


Fnatic vs Excel in a nutshell


Phill’s amazing technicolour dreamcoat

No words needed.


Duck meets Duck

Forget boy meets girl. UK CSGO content creator Duck meet himself on Tinder the other evening – and made the mistake of sharing it with the world.
Maybe Tinder’s trying to teach Duck a lesson about loving himself? Who knows.


LS reads Esports News UK?

LS used an image based on the drumming film Whiplash to advertise his stream the other week, and it was eerily reminiscent of an image Esports News UK used to cover that time when UK League support player Prosfair bought some coaching from LS

ENUK’s picture for comparison:
prosfair coached by ls stre

Dignitas HotS helps with homework


Blursed caption competition

Last but not least, Method ran a caption competition for the following image, and some of the responses gave us a giggle.

That’s yer lot this month, we’ll be back with more memes in September. Thanks for reading!

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