UKLC Summer Split team roster roundup (in progress)

uklc teams summer 2019

The UK League Championship (UKLC) Summer Split is fast approaching, two new teams have entered in Demise and NVision, and orgs are beginning to announce their player rosters.
Esports News UK lists some of the confirmed rosters so far and will update this article regularly as more are revealed.
If you’re from an org and want us to update this article with your latest team details, please message ENUK on Twitter.

Fnatic Rising

fnatic rising rebrand
With British jungler Dan being called up to the Fnatic first team in the LEC (following a fantastic split in the UKLC spring season), Cantoursna ‘Nji’ An has joined as jungler from ROG Esport.

  • Top: Jordan ‘Shikari’ Pointon
  • Jungle: Cantoursna ‘Nji’ An
  • Mid: Felix ‘MagiFelix’ Boström
  • ADC: Matthew ‘xMatty’ Coombs
  • Support: Tom ‘Prosfair’ Willis
  • Sub mid: Ronaldo ‘Ronaldooo’ Betea
  • LoL director:Jan ‘Careion’ Hoffmann
  • Team manager: Michael ‘Garki’ Bolze
  • Head coach:Alejandro ‘Jandro’ Fernández-Valdés



UK organisation Excel still have the brunt of their initial ten-man roster, for both the UKLC and the upper-tier LEC, but they’ve made a few changes too, with Mickey coming into the mid-lane for example. Excel have also brought Hjarnan in as a new ADC and made changes to their coaching staff with long-standing coach Furndog departing.
It’s been a tough start for Excel in the LEC so far as they are yet to pick up a win in the summer split. They’ll be hoping for a better performance in the UKLC.

  • Top: Rosendo ‘Sendo’ Fuentes & Daehan ‘Expect’ Ki
  • Jungle: Christian ‘Taxer’ Jensen & Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont
  • Mid: Son ‘Mickey’ Young-min & Joran ‘Special’ Scheffer & Fabian ‘Exile’ Schubert
  • ADC: Petter ‘Hjarnan’ Freyschuss & Jesper Klarin ‘Jeskla’ Stromberg
  • Support: Patryk ‘Mystiques’ Piórkowski & Raymond ‘Kasing’ Tsang
  • Head coach: David ‘DLim’ Lim
  • Academy coach: Tim ‘TimKiro’ Cho
  • Player manager: Luciana ‘AngelArcher’ Nadrag


NVision Esports

nvision esports
As a newcomer to the UKLC, NVision will be hoping to make their mark on the scene.
Their summer split roster isn’t confirmed yet, but in the meantime here’s who helped them qualify for the UKLC:

  • Top: Brelia
  • Jungle: Infinity
  • Mid: 3z3
  • ADC: Spark
  • Support: UKMealDeal

There’s more info on the team from their support player in this Twitlonger here:


Phelan Gaming

Phelan Gaming Logo
The Irish organisation have made some changes for the summer split, including a new top-laner and extensive coaching staff including UK League veteran Nutri.
It seems the mid and support roles are still to be confirmed, bearing in mind Snuggli has left. We reached out to Phelan for more info, who said they’re still waiting on final confirmation.

  • Top: Xizz3l
  • Jungle: Sof
  • Mid: Chemera
  • ADC: Nicolaj ‘Achuu’ Ellesgaard
  • Support: Visdom
  • Sub top: Shiklin
  • Head coach: Conor Fitzpatrick
  • Strategic coach: Billy ‘Nutri’ Wragg
  • Assistant coach: Aleksanteri Leinonen 
  • Mental skills coach: Callum Abbott 
  • Analyst: Joshua Smith
  • Manager: Joshua Mulgrew



Diabolus Logo
Diabolus did really well in the spring UKLC split, qualifying for EU Masters and coming close to winning the UKLC.
Check out their new roster here:

  • Top: Elias ‘Kakan‘ Edlund
  • Jungle: Raphael ‘PFI‘ Freitas
  • Mid: Mike ‘Furuy‘ Wils
  • ADC: Josh ‘Cokey‘ Price
  • Support: Mikkel ‘The Heathen‘ Møller Wiemann
  • League of Legends director: Jack ‘Coach’ Fenton


Barrage Esports 

Barrage Logo
Barrage have made a few changes and kept the likes of UK scene stalwart Jakamaka on board. They have replaced Skudzy with former Diabolus jungler Munckizz too. and brought on the likes of Excel’s experienced coach Furndog.
They made writing this post really hard for us by splitting up all their player announcements up into separate posts, grrrr… (<3)

  • Top: Benjamin ‘Zhergoth’ Sánchez
  • Top sub: James ‘Governor’ Gove
  • Jungle: Christian ‘Munckizz’ Munck
  • Jungle sub: Benjamin ‘Noodle’ Liu
  • Mid: Filip ‘Diva’ Dadić
  • ADC: Jake ‘Jakamaka’ Sampson-Roberts
  • Support: Emre ‘Fastlegged’ Fraser
  • Sub support: Bart ‘Bartiono’ Wessels
  • Team manager: Richard ‘Froomie’ Froom
  • Head coach: James ‘Torok’ Thomsen
  • Performance director: Josh ‘Furndog’ Furneaux
  • Performance coach: Alex ‘AJ’ Davies
  • Analyst: Simon ‘Ninjaroni’ Lam


Enclave Gaming 

Enclave Gaming Logo
Enclave have changed half their team and kept the other as is, with Kehvo, Raizins and Wise Traveller retaining their positions, and Governor, Wysek and Praevius switching out.
They’ve also signed Skude, who beat Enclave in the Insomnia64 final with mix team No Ego. If you can’t beat ’em, sign ’em!

  • Top: Sean ‘Renghis’ Kelly
  • Jungle: Andreas ‘Skude’ Skude
  • Mid: Kim ‘Primacy’ Kroon
  • ADC: Aleksi ‘Kehvo’ Merta
  • Support: Neyas ‘Raizins’ Guruswamy
  • Coach: Alexander ‘Wise Traveller’ Wise


MnM Gaming

MnM Logo
Long-running UK org MnM stole our hearts with their content during the spring split and we’re looking forward to seeing what they offer the scene this time around!
Here’s their confirmed roster, in which they’ve kept three and brought in Only Angel, who played for them in 2016 and 2018, and Yusa, who joins from Diabolus.
They followed their initial reveal up with a subs and managers announcement, with rising UK content creator Mattheos coming in as a sub jungler.

  • Top: Derek ‘Only Angel’ Lee
  • Jungle: Thomas ‘Noltey’ Nolte
  • Mid: Chibs
  • ADC: Jo ‘Yusa’ Cortez
  • Support: Jonathan ‘Shogun’ Guy
  • Sub jungle: Mattheos
  • Sub mid: Sykes
  • Head coach: Konrad ‘KonDziSan’ Sopata
  • Assistant coach: Jamada
  • Analyst: Daniel ‘Yetz’ West
  • Team manager: Alex ‘OfficerNaughty’ Bowley
  • Manager: Kalvin ‘KalKal’ Chung



demise esports org
Last but not least, Demise join NVision as the other newcomer to the summer split.
We can’t wait to see how they fare against the other sides. Their roster is as follows:

  • Top: Patryk ‘Patryk’ Dzik (according to Leaguepedia)
  • Jungle and team captain: Batu ‘Ceikey’ Gazier
  • Mid: Tait ‘Vixen’ Bould
  • ADC: Nikolaj ‘DenVoksne’ Meilby
  • Support: Viggo ‘Viggo’ Lindhe
  • Top sub: Daniel ‘Merpilian’ Grainger
  • Jungle sub: Jonas ‘Hidon’ Vraa
  • Head coach: Marco ‘NEAR’ Hoppmann
  • Analyst: Maximilian ‘Hakaru’ Petrat

If you’re from an org and want us to update this article with your team details, please message ENUK on Twitter.

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