Bulldog and Darkspawn relegated from UKLC as newcomers emerge


UPDATE: Demise have acquired EJBY Brotherhood’s spot.
Original article: 
UK esports organisations Bulldog and Darkspawn have dropped out of the League of Legends UKLC.
They fell in the recent promotions/relegations tournament, with Bulldog losing to NVision Esports 2-0 and Darkspawn losing to EJBY Brotherhood 2-0 in the upper bracket finals.
EJBY went on to beat NVision 2-1 to progress, and while Darkspawn beat Bulldog 2-0 in the lower bracket, they eventually lost 2-0 to NVision in the lower final.
This means that both EJBY Brotherhood and NVision have qualified for the next UKLC split, which gets underway in July 2019.
Their player rosters are as follows:

  • EJBY Brotherhood: Lena (top), Ceikey (jungle), Vixen (mid), DenVoksne (ADC), Shayzien (support)
  • NVision: Brelia (top), Infinity (jungle), 3z3 (mid), Spark (ADC), UKMealDeal (support)

The promotion/relegation tournament followed the latest Forge of Champions tournament, which was won by Fnatic Rising.
They beat Diabolus 2-0 in the grand final to emerge as victors.

The UKLC will return in July.

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