Esports Brews UK: ENUK launches new range of beers and microbrewery

esports brews uk

Update: April 2nd (this is obviously an April Fools Day post)!
Esports News UK is excited to announce it is branching out into the beers and soft drinks trade.
We’ll be launching a range of Esports Brews UK branded beers for UK esports fans and professionals to enjoy.
There will be a raft of flavours available, from standard UK Lads Lager to Kayle’s Ale (pending Riot Games approval) and Salty Tears, which tastes of beer with a dash of saltiness reminiscent of the tears of a baby-raging League of Legends solo queue player.
There’s also Rowdy Cider, perfect for LAN-goers, and RNG Rum, which will have a random quantity of alcohol within it whenever you order it – ideal for Hearthstone and World of Warcraft fans.
Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco said: “We’ve been thinking about launching a range of merchandise for some time and what better way than to get started with some drinks?
“We definitely haven’t launched this just because the name Esports Brews UK is a pun.”
Customers can either order direct from home or visit our new independent microbrewery at 26 Booze Bridleway, Chuggington.
Prices start from £13.37 for a couple of bottles and you can mix and match different types of alcohol and flavours as you please.
We will also organise LAN gatherings, League of Legends/esports viewing parties and other community events at the microbrewery.
Please bear in mind the Esports Brews UK drinks and microbrewery is strictly for those aged 18 and above.
You can make an Esports Brews UK order by visiting our new dedicated website or by calling 046317 40015
Image source: Artist’s impression by Joe Griffin

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