Memes of the Month (March 2019): UKLC roundup, Aux smashes things, Gross Gore gets conned

uklc casters

It’s been a while, but as promised, it’s time to update the memes section on Esports News UK.
We used to do these posts regularly, and now that there’s lots of UK League of Legends activities up and running again, with some great content produced by the teams and players, there’s no better time to herald the return of Memes of the Month.
So without further ado, sit back, relax and just enjoy the utter nonsense.

Memes Rising

Fnatic Rising won the UKLC last weekend, and the memes began flowing. Shoutout to Prosfair and Shikari in particular for their achievements in the UK scene.


UK meme championship

The UK League Championship brought forth many memes into the world during its inaugural season. Thank you LVP. Here are a random selection for your enjoyment:

Particular mention to Praevius, who was on a meme rampage throughout the UKLC:

And props to MnM’s content team this season:


Caster craziness

Of course, no UK League of Legends tournament would be complete without the personality of its casters.

Aux smash! Get this man away from any valuable items:

Let’s get ready to rumble!


April Fools

Just a couple that caught our attention here (not to mention our crap effort).
A genuinely creative idea from noblechairs/Overclockers, and, well, not exactly an April Fools Joke, but an April fool nonetheless. Gross Gore spending £30 on a sticker which he thought was a watch. Poor Grossie.


More memes

Some other random stuff worthy of inclusion this month:

See you next month for more!

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