Serial tweeters: UK residents tweet about gaming more than anyone else in Europe

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It’s official: we’re a nation of Twitter fiends. The UK tweeted about gaming more than any other European country in 2018.
Twitter revealed the stats in a blog post last week, which revealed that the UK is one of the top three countries that tweets about gaming the most, behind Japan in first place and the US in second. France and Korea followed in fourth and fifth place respectively.
In terms of esports organisations that were mentioned the most on Twitter, the UK’s Fnatic were in fourth place, behind FaZe Clan, OpTiC Gaming and Cloud9 in first, second and third place respectively.
TSM made it to number five, while London Spitfire were the ninth most-tweeted-about esports entity in 2018.
The esports players that received the most mentions on Twitter included Scumper (first), Doublelift (fourth) and Leffen (eighth).
Looking at events, E3 was the most tweeted about, followed by the Tokyo Game Show, the Game Awards and the 2018 League of Legends World Championship (Worlds).
The Overwatch League was in fifth place, ahead of the ELeague Boston Major and the London FaceIT Major to name a few.
Twitter’s head of gaming content partnerships, Rishi Chadha, also revealed that there were more than one billion tweets made about video games last year.

It all reaffirms that if you’re in esports or anything gaming-related, you need to have a presence on Twitter. On that note, why not give Esports News UK a follow on Twitter?

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