UKLC Roster Roundup: Meet the teams and players competing in the 2019 UK League Championship

UKLC Teams

The UKLC has been officially unveiled and the nine participating teams have now confirmed their player rosters.
Each week, they will compete to scale the UKLC tower by going head-to-head in a best-of-one knockout tournament. The team that climbs highest will then get to face the previous week’s tower champion. If they are victorious, they become tower champion and get bragging rights for the next week, along with a bunch of championship points.
The spring split will span seven weeks, with the top four teams at the end of the regular season moving to forward playoffs and the grand final taking place on March 31st.
If you’re an org and want us to update this article with your team details, please DM ENUK or Laura, the author of this article, on Twitter.


Fnatic logo
After a hugely successful 2018 in League of Legends including a Worlds Championship Final spot, Fnatic said their UK League of Legends academy team will consist of four UK residents as  they aim to prove they ‘can be the pride of Britain’.
It’s also worth mentioning Fnatic’s first team players like Rekkles could technically sub into the UK league.
Fnatic added sub players at the tail end of the first season.

  • Top: Jordan ‘Shikari’ Pointon
  • Jungle: Daniel ‘Dan’ Hockley
  • Mid: Felix ‘MagiFelix’ Boström
  • ADC: Matthew ‘xMatty’ Coombs
  • Support: Tom ‘Prosfair’ Willis
  • Coach: Alejandro ‘Jandro’ Fernández-Valdés
  • Sub support: Raphaël ‘Targamas’ Crabbé
  • Sub mid: Ronaldo ‘Ronaldooo’ Betea



UK organisation Excel confirmed that they will be having a ten-man roster which will compete across both the UKLC and the upper-tier LEC.

  • Top: Rosendo ‘Sendo’ Fuentes & Daehan ‘Expect’ Ki
  • Jungle: Christian ‘Taxer’ Jensen & Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont
  • Mid: Joran ‘Special’ Scheffer & Fabian ‘Exile’ Schubert
  • ADC: Nihat ‘Innaxe’ Aliev & Jesper Klarin ‘Jeskla’ Stromberg
  • Support: Patryk ‘Mystiques’ Piorkowski & Raymond ‘Kasing’ Tsang
  • Coaching staff: Petar ‘Unlimited’ Georgiev, Josh ‘Furndog’ Furneaux, Just Jon and Ryan ‘Barnetto’ Barnett



Darkspawn Logo
As a newcomer to a UK League of Legends league like this, DarkSpawn commented on their website: “The inclusion of the likes of Fnatic and ExceL Academy will prove a tough challenge, but also one that will help in growing the League of Legends competitive scene here in the UK.”

  • Top: Harry ‘Akkers‘ Akrill
  • Jungle: Raphael ‘PFI’ Freitas
  • Mid: Corey ‘Beeley’ Beeley
  • ADC: Filip ‘Flirt’ Vatamidis Norrstam
  • Support: Viggo ‘Viggo‘ Lindhe
  • Coach: Tim ‘Zvir’ Gudz
  • Sub Support: Emre ‘FastLegged’ Fraster
  • Sub: Lawrence ‘Fax’ Clegg


Phelan Gaming

Phelan Gaming Logo
The Irish organisation have also put together a full 10-man roster.
You can check out our interview with Phelan Gaming‘s founder here about their journey so far.

  • Top: Adam ‘Eragon’ Harney & Adam ‘Moo’ Mura
  • Jungle: Sof & Fredsta
  • Mid: Pór ‘Adm’ Gábor & BB
  • ADC: Nicolaj ‘Achuu’ Ellesgaard & Kasparas ‘Kasper’ Valinskas
  • Support: Rich ‘Snuggli’ Farmery & Joseph ‘Blaise’ McGreevy
  • Coach: Marco ‘Shelby’ Longo



Diabolus Logo
After reaching the Forge of Champions final, having a rebrand and gaining investment, the Diabolus boys are back looking for success.
On their roster, they said on the Diabolus website: “We can’t wait to see how this squad stands within the UK scene and how they perform in the league.”

  • Top: Kallon ‘Kerberos’ Ram
  • Jungle: Christian ‘Munckizz’ Munck
  • Mid: Daniel ‘Kroghsen’ Krogh
  • ADC: Jo ‘Yusa’ Cortez
  • Support: Mantas ‘Hadow’ Sukevičius
  • Coach: Bjørn-Vegar ‘IHansen’ Hansen
  • Sub Support: Mateusz ‘Kiao’ Sujdak
  • Sub ADC: Billy ‘Rowelly’ Rowell


Barrage Esports 

Barrage Logo
The Forge of Champions quarter-finalists are hoping their roster – boasting some real experienced UK scene players – will make waves in the UKLC.
In particular, it’s interesting to see veteran Nutri lane swap again, this time to ADC. His shot-calling could be key to Barrage’s success.

  • Top: Sam ‘Artorias’ Willis
  • Jungle: Sergiu ‘Skudzy’ Huleani
  • Mid: Brayan ‘Kruimel’ van Oosten
  • ADC: Billy ‘Nutri’ Wragg
  • Back-up ADC: Jakamaka
  • Support: Bart ‘Bartiono’ Wessels


Enclave Gaming 

Enclave Gaming Logo
With a newly announced partnership with MSI, Enclave Gaming said they are excited about having the roster on board.
Enclave CEO Phil “Britsaint” McCartney commented: “This is the next step in Enclave’s journey, with a new roster we also announce our new sponsor MSI.
“MSI are undoubtably one of the biggest brands on the hardware markets but also in esports, this partnership will raise the level that we can offer to our players, the quality of our content and what we can offer to our loyal fans.”

  • Top: James ‘Governor’ Gove
  • Jungle: Damian ‘Wysek’ Adamczyk
  • Sub Jungle: Joshua ‘Praevius’ Elliott-James
  • Mid: Marcin ‘Warszi’ Surala
  • ADC: Aleksi ‘Kehvo’ Merta
  • Sub ADC: Bailey ‘Aether’ Philp
  • Support: Neyas ‘Raizins’ Guruswamy
  • Coach: Kyle ‘ItsMans’ Wilkowski
  • Coach/analyst: Alexander ‘Wise Traveller’ Wise


MnM Gaming

MnM Logo
After successful runs in the ESL Premiership in the past, MnM have put together a roster that they hope can make the same impact in UKLC (and how about that announcement video?).

  • Top: Szépvölgyi ‘Mumus’ Márió
  • Jungle: Thomas ‘Noltey’ Nolte
  • Mid: Chibs
  • ADC: Joosep ‘MonkWillCarry’ Kivilaan
  • Support: Jonathan ‘Shogun’ Guy


Bulldog Esports

Bulldog Logo
Last but not least, Bulldog kept us all waiting with their roster announcement.
All in all we have some great line-ups this split, and we can’t wait to see how the teams get on.

  • Top: Tom ‘Toliam’ Brandon
  • Jungle: Richard ‘Saizo’ Pascoletti
  • Mid: Sergio ‘Kalwerd’ Dominguez Alcala
  • ADC: Jorge ‘Gould’ Lujan Cordoba
  • Support: Gianluca ‘Daejin’ Melchiorre
  • Top Sub: Maximilian ‘Egospeed’ Korner
  • Support Sub: Rayan ‘TheKat’ Karout
  • Coach: Ruben ‘Murloc’ Rodrigues
  • Team manager: Sam ‘Newbould’ Newbould

If you’re an org and want us to update this article with your team details, please DM ENUK or Laura, the author of this article, on Twitter.
The UKLC will be broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm-11pm GMT on LVP UK’s Twitch channel.

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