Gfinity Elite Series Season 4 winners revealed

elite series season 4 winners 1

Another Elite Series is over and three teams have been crowned victors across Street Fighter V, FIFA 19 and Rocket League.
Here’s a quick recap of the Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino’s grand finals in each game.

Street Fighter V: Team Vitality in shock victory

Team Vitality (pictured) fought against the odds to lift their first Street Fighter V Elite Series trophy.
They defeated Nordavind 4-3 in the semi-final in what was one of the biggest upsets in Elite Series’ history.
Vitality faced exceL Esports in the grand final, and started off well, with Verdoyance picking up his third perfect KO of the finals.
But exceL’s Hurricane fought back, winning three games in succession.
Eventually, the tournament came down to one final game between exceL Infexious and Vitality TKR, the latter of which won with Chun-Li to make Vitality shock champions of the Elite Series.


FIFA 19: AS Roma Fnatic claim title for second consecutive season

AS Roma Fnatic emerged victorious for the second consecutive season after a nail-biting final with Method. They take home the coveted Gfinity Elite Series trophy and a share of the £250,000 prize pot.

The first semi-final saw a high stakes battle between two teams slogging it out for a place in the final, with Method taking on veterans Team Envy. Method reigned supreme, thrashing Team Envy 8-2 over the two legs.

Man City Epsilon and title holders AS Roma Fnatic starred in the second semi-final, with the latter winning after scoring incredibly late in the second leg to make the final result 2-1.

The grand final brought together two titans of FIFA 19, as Method (Owen “XVenny” Venn and Kamil “Riptorek” Sosynski faced AS Roma Fnatic (Damien “Damie” Augustyniak and Simon “Zimme” Nystedt) in a trio of matches. AS Roma FNATIC were crowned the eventual winners with a 3-0 final game.

Fnatic were also crowned Elite Series Season 4 franchise champions:


Rocket League: Method win after incredible reverse sweep in semi-final

Method claimed the Rocket League Season 4 Championship.
In the first semi-final, Reason outclassed Method early on to take the first three games. However, a late push by Method in game four saw them turn the tables, and once the momentum turned, Method eventually took the semi-final 4-3 in an amazing reverse sweep.

The second semi-final between Fnatic and Epsilon was a close match and went to game seven, won by Fnatic 5-2 in the end.
In the final, Fnatic and Method, two UK-based esports orgs, went head-to-head. But it was Method who eventually won 4-2 to claim the Elite Series Rocket League trophy.
Image source: Joe Brady/Gfinity

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