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Esports has come a long way since the first esports event was held at Standford University back in 1972. There is a huge audience for esports events now similar to traditional sporting events. It is expected that the revenue of esports will reach $1.5 billion by 2020.
Esports’ growth is also increasing the popularity of esports betting. If you are an esports punter, then you should choose freebets.com for the best betting experience. Find the best free bet for you as well as enjoy the best betting offers and promotions from all the leading bookmakers of the world. Get help from the site’s sports betting experts to select the best free bet and profit from their wisest tips. You are sure to get the best services in the market because they have a strong relationship with all the leading bookmakers of the world.
For all your betting, freebets could be your one-stop shop. You can enjoy enhanced odds, matched bonuses, free bets no deposit offers and more. From the Premier League to the Grand National, all the best free bets can be found here.
Bet365’s offer is very enticing for all the punters because their bonus can get up to £100, while William Hill’s free bet can get up to £30 on depositing £10. With Betfred, you can claim £30 bonus plus 30 free spins. Coral is not behind for they are offering £50 free bet if you deposit only £5.
Betfair, 888Sport and Paddy Power are also giving very good offers. Before claiming the free bet, do give a close reading to all the terms and conditions associated with a free bet.

1. Money line betting

Money line betting is probably the simplest way of wagering on any sport. It works the same way in esports much like in any other sports. A punter simply chooses a team who he believes will come away as a winner. And if your chosen team wins, then you will win the bet too regardless of the winning margin of your team.
This type of betting is very popular among punters due to its simplicity. Sportsbooks offer betting odds which represent the probability of a team winning. The odds also determine the amount of money a punter would receive on winning the bet.

2. Handicap betting

In handicap betting, a bookmaker gives a virtual advantage or disadvantage to certain teams in order to even the contest. If your chosen team has a -1.5 handicap for example, then it means that your team would have to win 2-0 in order for you to win the bet.
This type of betting is growing in popularity. However, handicap betting can be very risky too because a weaker team can very likely win a round in the match. Therefore, it is advisable to engage in such betting only if there’s a huge difference of quality between the two teams.

3. Specialist betting

Nowadays, punters are provided with a great deal of betting options in order to make their watching experience much more exciting. Esports punters can place first blood bets or they can enjoy first to 10 kills bets. These bets are much similar to the first or last scorer bets in football.
In a first blood bet, you are betting on the team to get the first kill, while the first to 10 kills betting is about selecting the team who gets to the first 10 kills. Punters can also wager on map winners, in which they can bet on a team to win Map 1, Map 2 or Map 3 etc. Bets can also be placed on the total number of maps a team wins.
In the end, one can say that esports punters have a lot of betting options. However, a punter needs to be vigilant while placing his or her bets. Of course, winning bets is not easy if one is not experienced or knowledgeable about the game.

Guest article (contains affiliate links)

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