i63 video interview: Caster Blank on UK Overwatch, Blizzard & GAME's PUBG plane stand

Zander “Blank” Munro is an Overwatch caster from the UK, who this year has been casting matches for Overwatch Contenders, Broadcast.GG and Belong Arena Clash.
George Moncaster interviews Blank at i63 to discuss grassroots esports, UK Overwatch and what’s next.
So what is Blank’s thoughts on the more grassroots level of Overwatch and Blizzard’s focus on this?
“I think Blizzard is getting more involved in the tier 3 scene,” Blank said. “There’s stuff going on in the future where I know they’re getting more involved in tournaments. I think this is the turning point while Overwatch League is on off-season, where they’re no longer having to spend so much time on that.
“They’re putting effort into Contenders, more elsewhere and UK stuff, which is incredible, especially for me as a UK Overwatch caster. I think it’s time and care, that’s the main thing.”

Blank was also casting some PUBG at the Belong stand at i63, where GAME had a casting rig set up to look like a plane.

“There’s about 800 unique players every day, because we cast on the hour, every hour for eight hours,” he said. “It’s mental but it’s so nice to see people crowding around to play. Anyone can do it, anyone can play, that’s the beauty of the Belong Arenas.”
Blank was at the opening of the Stratford Belong store the other week – check out Esports News UK’s coverage of the Stratford Spartans GAME Belong opening here.
Also, visit Esports News UK soon for a special feature on Blank’s impressive shirt (kappa123).

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