Fortnite’s top five streamers – and what it means for gaming

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In case you haven’t had time to view the top Fortnite streams, we have put a brief list together for you, so you know who to watch.
There’s plenty of pixelated carnage in battle royale game Fortnite, an alter reality of Texas hold-up variety that always ends in rivers of blood. And if you think that’s silly, you will have to stop and take a deep breath. The culture of apparent violence that Fortnite promotes is pure, colourful entertainment.
Deaths are no grave occurrence in the product developed by Epic Games. Instead, you get to play again and have another chance at getting a Victory Royale.
On the off chance you prefer to watch than participate in Fortnite Battle Royale, you may find the esports betting industry to be quite tempting. Just like you would expect a new game to be exciting and fun, taking bets on the outcome of Fortnite matches is also immensely amusing.
All it takes is a bit of time and before long, you will be adding an extra layer of fun to your experience as a spectator (as long as you are over 18 of course).
But beyond Fortnite being a digital simulator where you can experience the reborn shooter genre bearing the proud name of Battle Royale, the game has also become a medium where young talent can shine. Today we address what the amalgamation between passion for video gaming and gaming as a way of life has yielded. I mean, of course – the streamers.
Are you familiar with the top brass in Fortnite? No? Well, here’s our list of the world’s top five Fortnite Twitch stars and cultural paradigms.

1. Ninja – Not the sort to toss shurikens

While travelling in Eastern Europe this summer, I was heading out for the mother-of-all convenience stores – Lidl. Outside the store I saw a few kids sporting a band tied across their foreheads and dyed hair.
It looked so surreal to see the alter-ego of Ninja, Fortnite’s most recognisable streamer, out and about. But it was right there, before my very eyes, in some out-in-the-sticks town.
In case, you don’t know much about Ninja, his Twitch channel sports 6.5 million followers. His channel has been viewed a total of over 170 million times and he’s steadily climbing all Twitch charts.
Ninja has a Fortnite bling, too, though, as he hobnobs with Drake, the rapper, and plays with him recreational sessions, albeit Drake has dropped out of the radar. Ninja is currently helping co-host a series of tournaments, and you can expect him to appear at any major event out there.
Check out Ninja’s Twitch here.

2. TSM_Myth – not a mystery at all

tsm myth
Myth has been shaping up as a competitor of Ninja, not so much for his raw viewership, although he has been able to put together online crowds of 60,000 people and more, but rather because he has been a stellar player.
Just like Ninja, Myth loves Fortnite, and he’s an excellent player when it comes to dishing out raw justice. His laidback attitude and insightful comments, paired with a bit of his homespun wit, make him a highly-entertaining streamer to behold.
Make sure to drop by Myth’s Twitch.

3. AVXRY – the boy who said no to Twitch

Not all streamers (nor streaming platforms) are created equal. And you know what? AVXRY doesn’t give an honest darn about this. He easily tops the YouTube Gaming streaming platform and has over 20,000 viewers watching his exploits.
He doesn’t mind popping for a quick session on Twitch, but he has long come to terms that YouTube.
Gaming is going to be his main base of operation. He is pleasantly informative, although he tends to assume a more focused stance than his fellow streamers and usually talks less. But they say that silence is golden, and AVXRY has found a way to bank on this old tenet.
Here’s AVXRY’s YouTube Gaming channel.

4. CDNThe3rd – he’s a mouthful

CDNThe3rd has been quick to make a splash with the streaming community. He’s been known for his quips which nevertheless never were intended to hurt fellow players or opponents.
Polite and quick-witted, CDNThe3rd is a delight to watch. He does look a bit like AVXRY and the resemblance is even more amusing once you factor CDNThe3rd’s challenge to the former to face off during a dance-off.
Check out CDNThe3rd’s Twitch.

5. DrLupo – Ninja’s side-kick

When DrLupo was starting out as a Twitch streamer he had little idea that he would be soon a rather known face. His prowess and skill at the game has helped him outpace the competition and he soon became acquainted with Ninja. The pair are now one of the most successful Fortnite squad to date.
His distinct qualities as a gamer and a streamer have managed him to rake in subscribers at a break-neck 500,000-subscriber pace a month. Much like Ninja, DrLupo exhibits an innate talent for the game, but he is also excellent at theory-crafting and coming up with successful and cheesy stratagems. His insight will probably help you devise game-changing strategies of you own.
Make sure to drop by DrLupo’s Twitch.

Why streamers matter

I could think of a dozen reasons why video game streaming matters. Brush any business boons aside, and you have a living and breathing example of what it means to be a gamer.
Of course, those are the success stories, and streamers who are actually struggling to make it to the top are going through gut-wrenching challenges. Even then, this glamorous look at the culture of gamers and Fortnite streamers charts a rather optimistic course for the future of esports as a whole.

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