UK CoD teams qualify for CWL Championships


Three teams fielding UK players have successfully qualified for the 2018 CWL Championships through the Last Chance Qualifier.
The event determined who would join the world’s best Call of Duty teams at the final event of the 2018 season.

Tommey bounces back

After being dropped from Splyce after CWL Birmingham, Tom “Tommey” Trewren helped Team Vitality become the first team to qualify for the season-ending tournament, following a dominant showing against strong North American opposition.
The result means that Tommey is now one of only two players to compete at every single Call of Duty world championship since 2011.

The second team from the UK to qualify was Team Sween captained by Shea “Quiker” Sweeney. An early loss to the Americans of Elevate, Quiker and co. found themselves against the top UK seed of The Imperial.
A close five-game series went the way of Team Sween, who will discover who they will be competing against on Sunday evening once the Stage Two Playoffs have concluded.
A European mix team containing some hot prospects from the UK were the 32nd and final team to qualify for this year’s World Championship, taking place at the Nationwide Arena next month.
Relative unknown Dylan impressed both fans and players thanks to his aggressive style of play, which ultimately gave Brash the victory against the Spanish team of Vodafone Giants.
The 2018 CWL Championships take place from August 15th to 19th in Columbus, Ohio. 32 teams from across the world will battle it out for a share of a $1.5m prize pool and the chance to become Call of Duty’s sixth world champions.
CWL has an overall prize pool of $4.2m.
Image source: MLG

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