Esports: the business of the future

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Las Vegas continues its policy of seduction in attracting younger populations who seem to be less interested in casinos. Indeed, there is no renewal of players who are mostly old.
To meet its expectations, earlier this year Las Vegas opened a stadium dedicated to esports. It will be used to host gaming competitions. It must be said that the trend today is virtual especially in the field of sport. Young people are less attracted to the hazardous side of casino games.
There is no doubt that electronic sports are dominating the gaming industry today, with an estimated worth to reach $1.2 billion by the year 2020.  This move to win the interest of the youth is a step most casinos will be looking to copy.

Esports: a lucrative business of the future for gaming cities

Esports is an activity that is currently escalating and becoming a new eldorado for gambling operators. For most operators in many countries, this is the essential asset that attracts young people who have a certain disenchantment with casino games.
Las Vegas begins to take the plunge and has opened a stadium. It will host competitions. It is dedicated exclusively to this new activity. Giants in the sector are investing more and more in this sector that seems to be a key option for the future. Many casinos would want to pick up from where Las Vegas has ended. To see more offers, you may want to visit this web page.
For the city that inaugurated this new stadium, the goal is to attract young people today who are absent from the casinos. Indeed, this proportion largely believes that games of chance are not interesting. Nevertheless, for Las Vegas they constitute the future customers and to seduce them is unavoidable, through competitive esports games, some of which blend strategy with ‘gambling’ (loot boxes etc).

Description of the arena

The arena which has just been inaugurated covers an area of ​​30,000sq ft. The environment and details have been designed to suit the context and especially to please young viewers. To display the matches, it has been equipped with large screens.
To mark the mood, the arena has added lights, not to mention the consoles for players. It also boasts a modular stage that can handle a number of different players, VIP rooms, a production studio and a ‘hype tunnel’ that players walk through to get to the stage.
The transition through esports is a must for Las Vegas. The figures show the importance young people place on this new discipline. Indeed, they were an estimated 323 million spectators who followed the competitions of esports in 2016 (according to Newzoo).
For Las Vegas this is an essential passage to ensure its future. There are many ideas today to capture the attention of its new audience. Las Vegas was quick to get down to business. It has already hosted festivities including the Halo World Championship tournament, Madden NFL 17 esports organised by EA Sport, the Ninja Vegas 18 Fortnite event and there is also a monthly competition that has already been planned. More information coming soon…

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