Memes of the Month: That R9 haircut, Ben Forbes Sword, LVP's weird UK Twitter & the Enclave Twix meme returns

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It’s been far too long since we published a Memes of the Month roundup and some more lighthearted content, so we’re changing that right now with a collection of UK esports/League of Legends silliness from the past month or two.

Beware, winbar’s big book of bad

epic.LAN MD Jon Winkle had a bad book ready for the name of anyone who messes about at epic 24 (we wrote this before the event actually happened). Who knows who ended up on the list?! Please DM us immediately.


All the best players…

Charlie Tizard from GAME/UK Masters made a brilliant sign for the UK Dota 2 Major last month.
Turns out one of the Dota 2 pros has played in a UK LAN before, and seemed very pleased with Charlie’s sign. Good work sir.


A Bart from the past

UK League player Bartiono is back and ready for Forge of Champions. Here’s one of his old memes to celebrate.


LVP tell the UK scene to ‘prepare yer knickers’

Not a meme as such, but a special mention must be made to LVP’s new UK Twitter account. They’ve been so active and positive, bless them. We wonder how long they can keep it up before the UK scene negativity and banter seeps into their soul and they start flaming the world.
In the meantime, they actually used the phrase ‘prepare yer knickers’ in a tweet from their official account. Good lord.


When Kieran got carried

One from myself here. Just wanted to point out that exceL Esports MD Kieran Holmes-Darby is a bad League of Legends player but was lucky enough to get carried at the Clash event in London.
I’m not bitter that my team lost both their games and I absolutely suck as Warwick jungle. Not bitter at all.


Ah, the off-season, how we’ve missed you

Not really. Not at all. Can you hurry up and be over with please. I’m sick of being DMed by every UK org under the sun looking to get into League of Legends, asking me which players are available and what their approach should be.
I’m a Silver League of Legends player, people, don’t ask me for advice!


That Barrage/Governors logo

So Barrage acquired Raise Your Governors, and it looks like the logos line up nice and… er, symmetrically.


Someone teach Raven how to say Shaman already

Please. This has been going on for years now.


BF Sword

He might be on the other side of the pond nowadays but he’s still producing the memes.
Good on you Ben, er, I mean BF Sword.


No words.


Foxdrop: Saint or Sinner?

You decide.


This is not a dead meme

Enclave Gaming, this is not an old meme, stop trying to hide from your destiny and embrace the fact you like to reward your team with Twix bars.


There’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity

As the saying goes. And though this is not League of Legends esports, a special shoutout to Roma Zimme for winning Gfinity FIFA Elite Series and keeping his word – that he’d get a haircut like old Ronaldo if he won.



It’s not esports, but will affect a lot of esports brands and businesses. If you’ve had to deal with some of the painful GDPR changes over the past month, then you will probably relate to this meme. Thank God it’s over.

That’s it for this month. I hope you enjoyed this weirdness, let me know if you’d like more of this every month.

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